Conquest Leaderboard for 7thDec21

Star Forge

Sanctuary wins Large yield with 1.5 Billion, Star Command Iokath with 210mil and Neo Crusaders on Ilum with 320mil.

Satele Shan

Eternal Order wins Large yield with 148mil, Kort takes both Iokath and Ilum with 190~mil each.

Darth Malgus

Stroke My Wookie wins Large yield with 300mil, where RIP and SoD take Iokath and Ilum with 229 and 194mil each.

The Leviathan

Force Unifiee wins Large yield with only 76mil, where as Le Clan Cadera takes Iokath with 85mil, followed by Force Unifiee again taking Ilum with 56mil.

Tulak Horde

Schwarzer Orden wins Large yield with 157mil, Steel Talons takes Iokath with 95mil and The Bright Side of the Moon takes Ilum with 87mil.

That concludes this weeks conquest Calendar, with the largest winner being the Sanctuary of Star Forge with 1.5billion points!, and the smallest being Force Unifiee of The Leviathan taking Ilum with 56million points.

Until Next week!

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