Conquest Leaderboard for 21st December 21

Conquest results of every server for the week of 21st December 2021

Star Forge

Sanctuary wins with the highest points, 399million on Republic Taris, Kort wins with the lowest points 113mil on Republic Balmorra.

Satele Shan

Kort wins Ossus with the highest points, 174million earned, The Eternal Order wins Republic Balmorra with the lowest points, 28mil respectively. The entire board is dominated by Kort and Eternal Order.

Darth Malgus

Stroke my Wookie takes Imperial Taris with the most points 256million, Exsilium takes Republic Balmorra with the lowest points 78million. Half the board is taken by RIP/SOD.

The Leviathan

Le Clan Cadera takes Ossus with the highest points earned at 69million, whereas Bogan wins Imperial Balmorra with only 13million points earned.

Tulak Horde

Order der Allianz takes the most points to win The Black Hole with 152million, Valar Morghulis wins Ziost with the lowest leaderboard score of 33mil.

That concludes this weeks conquest Calendar, with the largest winner being the Sanctuary of Star Forge with 399 million points!, and the smallest being Bogan of The Leviathan taking Imperial Balmorra with 13million points.

Next week is Total Galactic War so expect a MASSIVE post!


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