Conquest Leaderboard for 28th December 21

Conquest results of every server for the week of 28th December 2021

Star Forge

Sanctuary wins with the highest points, 370million on Alderaan, Shards of Coruscant wins with the lowest points 63mil on Oricon.

Satele Shan

Kort wins Hoth with the highest points, 187million earned, The High Republic wins Rishi with the lowest points, 20mil respectively. Kort losing a majority hold on the galaxy to many guilds.

Darth Malgus

Stroke my Wookie takes Alderaan with the most points 250million, Reborn Empire takes CZ-198 with the lowest points 39million.

The Leviathan

Force Unifee takes Ossus with the highest points earned at 73million, whereas Knowhere wins CZ-198 with only 7.5million points earned. A majority of planets on Leviathan do not even have 5-10 planets invading each yield.

Tulak Horde

Order der Allianz takes the most points to win Alderaan with 176million, Darkside Empire wins Ilum with the lowest leaderboard score of 18.9mil.

That concludes this weeks conquest Calendar, with the largest winner being the Sanctuary of Star Forge with 370 million points!, and the smallest being Knowhere of The Leviathan taking CZ-198 with 7million points. The guild Kort of Satele Shan lost the most overall territory however on Leviathan most planets only had 5 invaders each making it a less competitive server.

Next week is Bounty Week so the Conquest Calendar will be Death Mark!

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