Conquest Leaderboard for 25th January 22

Conquest results of every server for the week of 25th January 2022

Star Forge

Sanctuary wins Large Yield Voss with 380million, they also lose the most territories. Kort proves their worth by capturing nearly as many planets as Sanctuary’s side guilds.

Satele Shan

Kort wins Voss with 170million, and like Star Forge, take control of more planets than any other guild this week. Smallest W goes to Sand People Liberation Front on Balmorra.

Darth Malgus

Stroke My Wookie takes Belsavis with 210million conquest, SOD/RIP loses a lot of territory but regains a good amount.

The Leviathan

Force Unifiee take Belsavis with 61million points earned. Les Midichloriens takes Balmorra with 8million points.

Tulak Horde

Order Der Allianz takes Nar Shaddaa for 111million points. The smallest W goes to Raising Serenity that takes Ilum with 17million conquest.

That concludes this weeks conquest Calendar, Kort overall performs well over Star Forge and Satele Shan. Sanctuary on Star Forge once again earned the most points for any guild.

Next week is Rakghoul Resurgence so get your vaccines ready!

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