Conquest Leaderboard for 22nd February 22

Conquest results of every server for the week of 22nd February 2022

Star Forge

The largest win this week goes to the The Sanctuary who take Corellia with 353 million cxp. Star Command takes Ilum with 215 million cxp.

Satele Shan

Kort takes both Iokath and Ilum with 188 and 147 million cxp, Eternal Order takes Corellia with 161million cxp.

Darth Malgus

Stroke My Wookie takes a comparable 308 million cxp win on Corellia whereas Exsilium takes Iokath with 136 million cxp.

The Leviathan

Force Unifiee take Corellia and Iokath with 81 and 63 million cxp. Contrebande Rebelle first times it onto the LBs with 23 million on Ilum.

Tulak Hord

Order Der Allianz takes Iokath with 100 million points. The Dark Side of the Moon takes Ilum with 80 million conquest points.

This ends the first conquest week of 7.0!

The following week will be the Pirate Incursion and Dantooine Pirate Event.

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