Conquest Leaderboard for 1st March 22

Conquest results of every server for the week of 1st March 2022

Star Forge

The largest win this week goes to the The Sanctuary who take Dantooine with 471 million cxp. Smallest guild to win is Exile’s End with 102mil cxp on Republic Balmorra.

Satele Shan

Kort takes 3 planets, the Eternal Order takes 2. The Imperial Guard is the smalelst guild and takes Black Hole with 78 million cxp.

Darth Malgus

Stroke My Wookie takes Dantooine with a massive 373million cxp whereas Some Like it Hoth takes Black Hole with 93million cxp.

The Leviathan

Force Unifiee takes Ossus and Republic Taris leaving most other guilds in the dust. Smallest W goes to Le Clan Cadera on Imperial Balmorra with 31 million cxp.

Tulak Hord

The _ Side of the Moon takes 3 planets this week, and the smallest W goes to Raising Revenge on Imperial Balmorra with 47million cxp.

Pirate week has ended. Back to Balance of Power next week.


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