Conquest Leaderboard for 22nd March 22

Conquest results of every server for the week of 22nd March 2022

Star Forge

The Sanctuary takes the biggest win with 359 million CXP on Imperial Taris, they also take Republic Taris with 237 million CXP. Smallest W goes to The Galactic Order on Imperial Balmorra with 207 million.

Satele Shan

Kort wins both Taris’, The Eternal Order wins both Balmorra’s.

Darth Malgus

Stroke My Wookie takes the largest win with 254million CXP on Imperial Balmorra, RIP/SOD take Republic Taris and Mek-Sha. Remnants of the Eternal Alliance take Republic Balmorra with 89 million CXP.

The Leviathan

Force Unifiee takes both Imperial Taris and Republic Balmorra, leagues ahead of everyone else. Aeterna Obscura takes the tiniest W with 17 million CXP on Imperial Balmorra.

Tulak Hord

The _ Side of the Moon takes both Taris’ while the smallest win goes to Koosai on Imperial Balmorra with 56 million CXP.

This week 6 Guilds captured 2 or more planets across 5 servers, thus ends the Flashpoint Havoc conquest. Next week the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally Conquest and Event will be running on Dantooine, Tatooine and Onderon!

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