Did You Know #67 – Swoop Rally Story Quests


The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally is a non-combat PvE Swoop racetrack event in SWTOR that rolls around once every few months in the game. During this event you can level reputation and earn rewards for all 3 different Swoop Gang teams: Horizon’s Razor, The Blatant Beks & The Pit Screamers.

You can play each of the 3 factions every day during the event on all of the circuits on Onderon, Tatooine and Dantooine. As you participate in these races you will unlock Reputation levels for each of the Three Gangs. As soon as you reach Newcomer Standing in your reputation with a Swoop Gang, you will unlock the first of their Story Arc Quests.
These quests only appear as standard quest Yellow-triangles and not as Purple triangles so many players don’t notice these quests or don’t bother with them.

Each Gang’s Story-Arc takes place over 3 Unique Quests that will teach you about the Lore and History of that gang, as well as asking to send you across the galaxy in order to help them gain fame and construct better Swoop Bikes (has no effect on the actual event). Each Swoop Gang has their own unique Reputation so you will have to level them all.
The First Story-Quest for each gang is unlocked when you reach Newcomer Standing.
The Second Story-Quest for each gang is unlocked when you reach Hero Standing.
The Finale Story-Quest for each gang is unlocked when you reach Legend Standing.


You can only complete each Quest part once per character, there are minor Story differences for choosing different cutscene options and taking different paths in each of the 9 total Story-Quests.
There is also 4 total achievements to be earned from this event, one achievement for completing all 3 Story Quests (the entire Arc) for each gang. A fourth achievement can be earned for completing all 3 Story Quest arcs together.

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