Codex Lore #48 – The Golden Storm Swoop Gang


The Golden Storm was a Swoop Gang that operated through 27 ATC during the renewed Galactic War and time of the first All World’s Ultimate Swoop Rally. Based on Tatooine, the Outlander was tipped off by Blatant Bek’s founder Old Morta to investigate their treatment of the local Jawa Population and put an end to the potential slavery occuring in order to make the Blatant Bek’s look good after a failed PR stunt.

The Outlander would shortly arrive on Tatooine in the Dune Sea, not far away from the Swoop Rally track and locate the Golden Storm who had built a small hideout they guarded with purple and gold armored guards.
While they tried to reason with the leader of the Golden Storm, a female Togruta only known as the “Golden Storm Boss”, the Togruta refused to free the captive Jawas that they had kidnapped and enslaved to create explosives for use by the Swoop Gang. Attempting to communicate with the Jawas who plead for their freedom would only enrage the Golden Storm Boss.

Offering the Outlander a bribe in order to leave, it is unknown whether they accepted it or freed the Jawas from slavery. Regardless, the Golden Storm would fall out of relevancy in the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally shortly after, and they haven’t been seen again since.


“An Explosive Opportunity” Blatant Beks Reputation Storyline – All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally Event
Golden Storm’s Hideout Location – Ten Thousand Grains region in the Dune Sea – Tatooine

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