Codex Lore #49 – Clan Ha’rangir


Clan Ha’rangir -lead by Kur Ha’rangir- resurfaced on the planet of Ruhnuk under the alliance of Heta Kol and the Hidden Chain, yet another Mandalorian group to leave the leadership of Shae Vizla.
Unlike the other disgraced or exiled clans that comprise the Hidden Chain, Clan Ha’rangir is directly tied to Mandalorian Religion itself.
Kur Ha’rangir claims to be a direct descendant of Kad Ha’rangir, a powerful figure of Mandalorian history, the God of Destruction in Mandalorian Religion.
Scouting reports on Ruhnuk lead by Shae Vizla’s Mandalorians and her allies report that Clan Ha’rangir Mandalorians have had difficulties in getting along with their other Hidden Chain allies.

Donning Gold and Black/Brown armor, Clan Ha’rangir is known to be one of the wealthiest Mandalorian Clans, while in it’s distant past, the Clan was one of the most fearsome and warmongering Mandalorian Clans that fought and prayed to the beliefs of Kad Ha’rangir.
Kur Ha’rangir believes his Clan to be the Supreme embodiment of Mandalorian strength and power, his ego reflects this as he has used his immense wealth to hoard as many of the dwindling Basilisk War Droid’s that he can find.
This caused a massive rivalry between himself and Lane Vizla as the niece of Shae Vizla wishes to preserve the Basilisks while he wishes to discard them at the cost of improving his own.

Believing he can reverse engineer and rediscover the lost schematics of the Basilisks, he has began tearing apart the sentient droids in workshops on planets like Ruhnuk with no regard for preservation of the Basilisk War Droids themselves or their survival and use for future generations. Instead he has been cobbling together pieces of the strongest Basilisk War Droids and throwing away the left overs.
Kur was last spotted being confronted by the Outlander in a Basilisk Workshop on Ruhnuk and may have been killed in the confrontation.

There are 3 known descendants of the Ha’rangir name uncovered by the Outlander and Shae, Lane Vizla and the Alliance on Ruhnuk:
Dylah Ha’rangir – Killed in action fighting Shae Vizla’s Mandalorians on Ruhnuk.
Arla Ha’rangir – Potentially captured by Lane Vizla and the Alliance on Ruhnuk.
Kur Ha’rangir – Fate unknown, but believed to be killed by the Outlander on Ruhnuk.

Ruthless, arrogant, and egotistical, Kur Ha’rangir embodies all of the traits that the members of his clan, Clan Ha’rangir, consider important. Claiming to descend from Kad Ha’rangir, the old Mandalorian god, Kur sees his clan as the supreme embodiment of Mandalorian strength and power. To reflect Clan Ha’rangir’s status, Kur believes that he should possess the strongest and most powerful weapons.

Although Basilisk war droids–the infamous Mandalorian mounts that wreaked havoc across the galaxy during the Great Sith War and the Mandalorian Wars–are exceedingly rare, Kur Ha’rangir has no interest in preserving them for future generations. His only goal is to collect and continually improve the best of them, even if it means sacrificing the increasingly limited number of Basilisk droids for their parts.

As the number of available Basilisk droids dwindles, Kur has turned his attention to learning how to build the war droids–a craft that was lost when the droids’ original creators destroyed their own planet. Legend tells of beacons, full of schematics and construction plans, that were scattered across the galaxy when Basilisk was destroyed, and although Clan Ha’rangir has pledged themselves to fight alongside Heta Kol and the Hidden Chain, Kur has not let their desires interfere with his own obsession.
Codex Entry: Kur Ha’rangir


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