The Galactic Championship

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The Galactic Championship puts Ten of SWTOR’s Content Creators, Streamers & Veteran Players against each other in a cut-throat competion across 8 Episodes and over 25 Challenges.
Each Episode one Contestant will be eliminated, and only one will be crowned the Galactic Champion!


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Aired Episodes have their own dedicated pages below.

Galactic Championship episode 3

Episode 4: Team Games, scheduled 17th June 2023
Episode 5: Trials of Skill, scheduled 24th June 2023
Episode 6: Afraid of the Dark, scheduled 8th July 2023
Episode 7: The Arena, scheduled 22nd July2023
Episode 8: Grand Final, scheduled 5th August 2023



The Galactic Championship is a passion project created on a budget of $2,000 USD paid out of pocket by Kal – TodayinTOR, for Artists and Editors. If you are a fan of the Series or TodayinTOR, please consider Supporting the Galactic Championship through the Discord or Patreon!
This is a non-profit Series, all funds raised will further go directly to the Artists and Editors including commissioning further talent.

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Galactic Championship Prizes

The Galactic Champion will be rewarded a $500 (non-USD*) Cash Prize or a Donation to a Charity of their choice, paid out of pocket by Kal – TodayinTOR.

Each Episode will also reward random Viewers or SWTOR Discord users of each episode with a variety of SWTOR related rewards courtesy of the Content Creation Program, such as: 30-Day Subscription Codes, Cartel Coins, Opal Vulptilla Mounts and Pets.*



What is the Galactic Championship?
The Galactic Championship is a Community-driven gameshow series created by Kal – TodayinTOR that will release on an intended fortnightly basis on Youtube with uncut, unedited and early access for supporters of TodayinTOR on Patreon or Discord.

Is the Galactic Championship Official?
The Galactic Championship is not officially endorsed nor does it have anything to do with Bioware, Star Wars, Lucasfilm or Star Wars the Old Republic in any recognised or official way. It is a fan created project being funded out of Kal – TodayinTOR’s personal savings. All funds raised from Patreon or other avenues will be used to compensate those that helped create, edit and produce the series, thus making it a non-profit venture by Australian Law.

Are the Viewership Prizes and Giveaways legit?
Yes! All prizes and codes given out to viewers are done so as fairly as possible with no bias. We randomly select all recipients via inputting every entrant into and then sending the winner the Code as-is.



The Galactic Championship was made possible by the following people:

Creator, Director – Kal, TodayinTOR
Writer, Host – Orion, TodayinTOR


Xam Xam


Kal as Kal, Deflect Reflect
Emi’thiss as Securobot, Camera 1, Kal (stand in), PvP Hunter
??? as The Bounty Hunter
Orion as Camera 2, PvP Hunter, Extras
Catalithe as PvP Hunter, Extras


Scootftw – Animation & Art
Miyuki – Art & After Effects
Raven – Video Editor
Ava – Video Editor




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