Sith Lore

Codex Lore #2 – Imperial Life Day Law

The Lore behind the galactic holiday known as Life Day in Star Wars history, and the Laws the Sith Empire created to stifle it.

Codex Lore #6 – Ak’ghal Usar, the Last Lord of Urkupp

How the Outlander saved the Dashade that Tenebrae froze in time for attempting to revive his Master.

Codex Lore #7 – Kel’eth, the Lightside Sith Lord

What happened to the Light-sided Sith Lord that discovered the path to True Strength for the Sith Empire.

Codex Lore #8 – The Life of Darth Thanaton

How a lowly Sith Apprentice killed the apprentice of Emperor Vitiate himself, and was granted the name Darth Thanaton.

Codex Lore #12 – Malgus and the Elom Ruins

Connecting the lore between the Disorder Cinematic and Malgus’ connection with the Holocron of Nul on Elom.

Codex Lore #18 – Lord Scourge, the Betrayer

The origins of the Jedi Knight’s Companion in the Revan Novel, his relationship with the Jedi Exile, Revan and Emperor Vitiate.

Codex Lore #22 – Birth of the Dread Masters

Discover how an evil technology known as the Phobis Devices created the most powerful Sith Lords that would spread fear across the Galaxy.


Codex Lore #24 – Odile Vaiken, the Empire’s first Grand Moff

The life of Odile Vaiken, one of the Empire’s founding architects of the Imperial Fleet and where Vaiken Spacedock earned it’s name.

Codex Lore #25 – The Mass Shadow Generator

How the Mass Shadow Generator survived the battle of Malachor V in KOTOR 2 and why a Lady of the Sith attempted to bind her physical body to its core.

Codex Lore #26 – Dread Master Calphayus

The Prophet of the Dread Masters, how Calphayus orchestrated the invasion of the Terror From Beyond and why the Jedi tried to redeem him after the battle of the Dread Palace.

Codex Lore #29 – Eleena Daru, the lover of Malgus

The life of Eleena Daru the Twi’lek girlfriend of Darth Malgus, her life as a slave, ties to the Jedi and her tragic demise.

Codex Lore #30 – Sith Lightsaber Crystals

Why the Sith Weapons Codex of the Sith Empire on Korriban actually allowed Sith to use Pink and Cyan lightsabers, not just Red and Purple.

Codex Lore #35 – Lady Dominique

Lady Dominique’s unexplored backstory, how she founded the Unmasked Sith Cult and why she rebuilt the Mass Shadow Generator.

Codex Lore #36 – Darth Jadus & Iokath

The life of Darth Jadus, the terrifying Dark Councillor and how others believe he still operates from the shadows today.

Codex Lore #42 – Lord Renning, the Sith Beastmaster

The life of Lord Renning the Sith Beastmaster, Master of Darth Malora and Lady Dominique.

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