About Me

Today in The Old Republic is a concept that I decided to create on the 10th Anniversary of SWTOR.

I go by Kal, and I have been playing SWTOR casually, on and off with barely a months break since the games release in Christmas of 2011. I have played all the games content from each storyline to the hardest raids and ranked pvp but decided to take a step back and instead bring a fresh new approach to the community of SWTOR.

Each week I plan to bring new content to SWTOR that isnt often covered by the existing and amazing creators in this community like Swtorista, Vulkk or Dulfy.

Additionally you can follow me on Twitter @todayintor or email me at todayintor@gmail.com .


About the Site

Today In TOR is a FAN-blog/website run by myself (Kal), I am not officially endorsed or supported by Bioware/EA/Lucasfilm or any other properties. All posts are my own and are not made to seek any monetary gain or benefit whatsoever.
Permission to use certain images or knowledge will be marked on posts as such with full credit.
SWTORISTA has given full permission to source images from her website as needed with full credit given (and links returning to her website as appropriate).

All of my SWTOR giveaways are of no monetary benefit/run for goodwill and all items from credits to ingame items are at my own cost out-of-pocket and are not supplied by Bioware/SWTOR in any way. All Winners are selected completely at random by https://wheelofnames.com/ .

I endeavour to create content as best I can research and cover topics without bias. I also attempt to remain positive at all times in order to help deter negative influences on the community and those that see me as an influential person through social media.
If you believe I have created content with errors, researched incorrectly or have used any negative language or connotations please reach out to me and let me know. My messages are open on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and via my email provided above.