SWTOR Lightsaber Crystal Origins

SWTOR has over a hundred different lightsaber color crystals. While some are default to the game, others may be crafted, earned via rewards/loot or even from the cash shop. This guide is a roleplay study in connecting as many of SWTORs crystals as possible to lightsaber and blaster colors seen in mainline Star Wars media aka Movies and TV or what most closely resembles them, from the Original Trilogy colors to the Darksaber and even the Death Star laserbeam.

Please use the Table of Contents below, as all Crystals have been sorted by ‘Era’ that they were influenced by in Star Wars. Click any image below to expand it’s size. All images in this guide were RGB referenced at Ultra Settings with Bloom enabled.


Default SWTOR Crystals

While SWTOR has many default Crystals, the three most commonly seen and used as Blue, Green and Red.
Blue and Green most closely resemble the saber colours seen in Attack of the Clones, specifically the color-grading used in the Geonosis Arena which I believe most heavily impacted the hue of the Green.
The Red crystal is much closer in appearance to the 3D Clone Wars TV series by characters such as Dooku and Ventress over the Prequels, yet is still somewhat accurate.

The next two closest matches to SWTOR itself is the Magenta-White color and the Cyan color.
Magenta-White (CM) was created specially for Sa’har Kateen from ILM’s Disorder cinematic for the 10th Anniversary of SWTOR. As such the crystal in game is a near exact replica of the one seen in the cinematic.

Cyan (Craft) has been seen as a colour across a lot of Star Wars media, however this specific shade of light-blue is closest in RGB values to Nico Okarrs blasters and Jace Malcoms cannon in the Return and Hope trailers for SWTOR. It is also the color seen both in the trailers and gameplay of Zakuulan Knights in the KOTFE and KOTET expansions.

Original Trilogy Era

The Farmhand Blue, Desert Green and Imperial Crimson were directly inspired by the washed-out colours most notably seen in the non-Special edition versions of the Original Trilogy.
Farmhand Blue (CM) is most accurate to A New Hope rather then ESB, specifically the most accurate scenes by RGB value are in Ben Kenobi’s house and on the Death Star when Obi-Wan duels Vader.
Desert Green (CM) is ofcourse accurate to Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber, seen in Return of the Jedi, and like it’s name, is most accurate to the Sarlacc Pit fight scenes by RGB color grading.
Imperial Crimson (CM) is based on the lightsaber of Darth Vader, while appearing in all 3 movies, it is most accurate to Return of the Jedi on the Death Star. It is also slightly accurate to Darth Maul’s saber color during the reactor fight against Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.


Lime-Green (CM) has become more utilisted in SWTOR itself lately. While Lady Dominique uses it in the R-4 Anomaly, the furthest back I could find RGB values of this crystal color is the scene where the Death Star destroys Alderaan in A New Hope. It is also the same color used by Tie Fighters when shooting the Millennium Falcon in the same movie.
In Return of the Jedi, Sea Green (CM) is more accurate to the blaster fire from TIE fighters and the 2nd Death Star above Endor.

Prequel Trilogy Era

The Copper (CM) crystal in SWTOR is very specific, while it is within the same range as Temple Guards from the Clone Wars, it is actually more accurate to one specific scene in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul holds his red lightsaber up against the sky of Tatooine and deactivates it as the Jedi escape.

Likewise, the Blood Red (CM) crystal is mostly accurate to the blaster fire of droids and CIS vehicles throughout the Prequel Trilogy, with the closest match being the color grading during the Battle of Geonosis.

The Derelict Purple (CM) crystal (left) is the most movie-accurate to Mace Windu’s saber in Revenge of the Sith, not Attack of the Clones. While there has never been a perfect purple match.

The Purple (Craft) crystal (right) is actually closer to the RGB value used in the Clone Wars TV series rather then any of the mainline movies.


Clone Wars and Disney Era

The Black-Silver (PvP reward) crystal is a unique crystal in the fact that it is the only one in SWTOR capable of mimicking the Darksaber effectively, which first appeared in the hands of Pre Vizla in the Episode: The Mandalore Plot, of the Clone Wars TV series. The Darksaber was most notably seen in the hands of Darth Maul in the Clone Wars, Sabine Wren in Rebels and Din Djarin in the Mandalorian.

SWTOR’s default Yellow (Craft) is a next unexpected entry on the list. While many may believe it inspired by the Temple Guards from the Clone Wars, it’s actual RGB values align with the yellow Blaster fire unique to the Mandalorians seen in the original Clone Wars TV run, not Rebels or Clone Wars Season 7 which use a much lighter tone.

The White (CM) crystal used to be a super-rare obtainable crystal nearly ten years ago in SWTOR before it returned on the Cartel Market. Obviously it is identical to Ahsoka Tano’s sabers as seen in Star Wars Rebels and the Mandalorian.
Silver-Blue (CM) is a burning bright white-blade with a thin blue edge around the exterior color. The closest match I could find while only a shade of blue off is Tera Sinube’s unique Blue-edged white lightsaber which appeared specifically in only one Clone Wars TV episode: Lightsaber Lost.

The Turqoise (CM) crystal is a rare one, while it was most notably seen being used as training rounds in the Clone Wars TV episode: Clone Cadets, it is actually very slightly more RGB accurate to the SPHA-T Tanks seen in the Battle of Geonosis in Attack of the Clones. But only very slightly.
The Hot-Orange (CM) is a bright orange-centered color crystal that rose to prominance as the new ‘red’ color grade of blaster fire seen in Star Wars: Rebels and then later in Clone Wars Season 7 and the Bad Batch. It is a much more vibrant iteration on the Blood Red crystal listed above.

Cloud Blue (CM) is a very popular crystal as it is a slightly more movie-accurate to the Sequel Trilogy and Special Edition color grading used in the mainline movies as opposed to the games own default Blue crystal. Namely it matches closest to the Starkiller Base fight RGB values in The Force Awakens, and the Empire Strikes Back special edition RGB values on Bespin.


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