The ins and outs on Achievements and Titles you can earn in SWTOR and the goodies and unlocks you can earn with them.


Soloable Achievements

Trivia #5 – Scruffy Nerf Herder

The 3 Nerf Pets you can unlock as rewards and the achievements that go with each one.

Trivia #9 – Manaan’s Diving Club

A quick guide on the 2 secret achievements you can earn Solo on Manaan during Legacy of the Sith.

Game Tip #15 – Sorry Sarlacc! Achievement

Jump the Tatooine Sarlacc Pit during the Swoop Rally Event to earn this cool achievement.

Game Tip #30 – Secret Pirate Incursion Event Achievements

A simple guide on how to earn 2 secret achievements as a SOLO player during the Pirate Incursion Event.

Game Tip #45 – Feast of Prosperity Food Fight

A quick guide on how to earn the hidden Food Fight achievement during the Feast of Prosperity in SWTOR.

Title Rewards

Game Tip #2 – Worm Food Title

How to earn the Worm Food character title by finding the Sarlacc Pit of Tatooine.

Game Tip #4 – Cartel Security Title

A simple guide on how you can quickly earn the Cartel Security Title and Achievement on the Fleet.

Trivia #4 – Speedy the Turtle

The Rishi Stronghold’s best NPC and how you can kill them to be crowned the Title: Horrible Person.

Game Tip #36 – The hidden Unlucky Achievement

How to unlock the hidden Unlucky Title by exploding a slot machine during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event.


Game Tip #47 – Feast of Prosperity Story Titles

The Feast of Prospoerity Event and how you can earn the 2 opposing titles on your characters after completing the Storyline.

Game Tip #54 – Life Day Wookiee Hugging

The best ways to hug Wookiees during Life Day and earn yourself the Wookiee Hugging Champion title.

Multiplayer Achievements

Game Tip #37 – The Lucky Worldboss Titles

A guide on how you can earn two different titles by fighting the Lucky Rancor Worldboss on Corellia.

Game Tip #56 – The Party Jawa

How to earn the Party Crasher Title and 3 achievements using the partying Jawa pet in SWTOR.

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