Did You Know in SWTOR #8 – Speedy the Turtle


You can earn the title and achievement ‘Horrible Person’ for your legacy by getting your pet turtle ‘Speedy’ eaten alive by a Rakghoul! Once you go Rak, you can’t go back.

On your Rishi stronghold you can find a pet turtle called Speedy that wanders the beach. If you wish to permanently remove them from your Rishi stronghold and earn the ‘Horrible Person’ achievement title, head on over to your Odessen Alliance base (Kotfe Chapter 9+) after you have completed Dr. Lokin’s Alliance Alert.

Speedy Video Guide by Vulkk:

From here you can head to the Military Hangar where you can find a snack box near Dr Lokin, once you have obtained meat from the box, head down the ramp and there should be a small pet carrying cage nearby. Click the cage to trap Dr Lokin’s pet Rakghoul!

Next, head on over to your Rishi stronghold and at the landing zone you can find Scritchy the Rakghoul all boxed up. Click the cage to release Scritchy into the wild!

The next time you make your way to your Rishi stronghold, you will earn the achievement and title ‘Horrible Person’ and Scritchy where Speedy used to be.

Now you have truly become, a Horrible Person in SWTOR.


I would have recorded my own guide however Vulkk’s was faster and to the point, so please all credit to his video recording guide, go check him out.

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