Did You Know in SWTOR #9 – Reviving Dead Companions


Well maybe not any Companion (RIP Darth Marr) however, this fantastic galaxy map computer on Odessen will return any companions from your vanilla story OR that died / knocked off during KOTFE or KOTET (Such as Torian, Koth or SCORPIO).

Be careful as the machine’s cutscene can appear to be quite laggy with its ‘KOTOR’esque dialogue and it will ask if you’re absolutely positive you want to return certain companions so be careful for the options.

You can find the map in your Odessen base’s personal quarters room (opposite the quest reward datapad), however you need to manually click on the map as it will not appear as an interactable object or highlight blue.

You can find it here.

Ofcourse being on Odessen the minimum requirement to access the machine is completion of Chapter 9 of KOTFE.

Non Claimable Companions (In no order):

Darth Marr
Darth Acina
Tanno Vik
Some Companions you killed/denied in companion alerts (Skadge/Xalek etc) that dont match your origin story.
Vanilla game companions NOT of your origin class.
Lord Dramath
Darth Malgus
Tau Idair

Arn Peralun
Major Anri

Rass Ordo
Darth Rivix

Shae Vizla

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