SWTOR 2022 Conquest Infographic


Includes all composited information from this years recorded Conquest First Place Winners across all servers here.


Includes the following guilds:

Sanctuary @SF
Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders @SF
Star Command @SF
Kort @SS/SF
Eternal Order @SS
Stroke My Wookie/Enclave @DM
Force Unifiee @Levi
Le Conseil des Jedi @Levi
Le Clan Cadera @Levi
The Dark Side ___ @TH
Schwarzer / WeiBer Orden @TH
Order/Imperial/Schatten der Allianz @TH
The Galactic Order @SF
Spear of Coruscant @SF
The Shadow Collective @SF
Galactic Empire @SF
Resolute @SF
Royalty @SF
The Courageous @SF
Dark Equinox @SF
Reject /Reflex /Revenge /Reserve @SF
Grinning Nebula @SF
Revans Rapture/Dark Je’daii / Je’daii Reborn @SF
Systems Commonwealth @SF
The Crimson Guard @SF
Imperium @SF
The Mandalorians @SF
Genesis @SS
Frontera Enclave @SS
Dark | Galaxy Knights @SS
The Gaming Council @SS
The Imperial Guard @SS
Invictus Maneo @SS
Severed Hand @SS
Later Nerds @SS
Well Behavied / Naughty @SS
Burn The Land And Boil The Sea /youcanttakethesky @SS
Diversity Fleet @SS
The Flaming Sword @SS
Jokers and Thieves / Renegades @SS
Hallowed @SS
Last of the Jedi @SS
epic enemies @SS
Czech Alliance / Empire @DM
Bogan / Ashla @DM
Some Like it Hoth @DM
The Thirst Order @DM
Birds of Prey/prey @DM
Comb My Wampa / Dark Wampa @DM
Deadly Girls From Another Space @DM
Exsilum / Fallen Exsilium @DM
The Jade Republic / Dominion @DM
Beyond Madness | Sanity @DM
Immortal-Fleet @DM
Remnants of the Galactic Empire/Eternal Alliance @DM
ChissMyHutt / DeezHutts @DM
Pas de Stress @Levi
les wookies mal rases @Levi
The Dark Legion @Levi
Contrebanded Rebelle @Levi
Les heritiers de Dark Bane / Krath @Levi
Le Sanctuaire \ disciples Genesis @Levi
La Force – Eternelle @Levi
Arkange-fr @Levi
Apoliptik @Levi
The Black Destiny @Levi
Les Midichloriens @Levi
Kyr’bes @Levi
The Nox @Levi
Bogan @Levi
IXeme Bataillon Mando @Levi
La Griffe de l’Ombre @Levi
Aeterna Obscura / Omnipotentia @Levi
La Conclave Obscur @Levi
Prometheus @Levi
Raising Revenge / Serenity @TH
Sainthell @TH
Mand’alors Kriegstreiber @TH
Immortals of the Resolute @TH
Valar Morghulis @TH
Steel Talons @TH
Wolfe @TH
Just For Fun @TH
Dunkler Orden des Kallig @TH
Die Seelendiebe @TH
Icestorm Legion @TH
Tartarus @TH
Omerta @TH
Dark Soul @TH
Koosai @TH
Rache der Hexen @TH
Elysium @TH
Chaos @TH
Gemini Legion @SF
Exile’s \ Outcasts End @SF
Weapon X @SS
Sand People Liberation Front @SS
Sons of Anarchy @SS
Mandalorian Crusaders @SS
Guardians of Peace and Justice @SS
The Last Remnants @SS
Exodus Union @SS
Bad Bunny | shady bunnies @DM
Rapid Serenity @DM
Termination Guard @DM
Stale Cookie Warriors @DM
Titans @DM
Primordial Flame @DM
Twin Suns Squadron @DM
Pappys Warriors Galactic @Levi
The Empire Defender @Levi
DeathWatch @Levi
Abaddon @Levi
Les Hutts Pas Frais @Levi
Sith Happens @Levi
Jeedai @TH
Seven Seals @TH
Enklave Alderaan @TH
Endar Spire @TH
Lisping Sith @TH
Buff Me | Please @TH
Jager des Schattens @TH
Ministry of Darkness @TH
The Hand of the Empire @SS
Yerba Mate @DM
Imperatoria Phalanx @Levi
Bad @Levi
Glucksbarchi GmbH @TH
Rebuilt @DM
Ferocity / Fury @SF
The Iron Curtain @DM
Legion Jedi @Levi
Dark Lagoon @Levi
Trauma @SF
The Unified Republic \ Imperium @SS
Revelation @SS
The Heirarchy @DM
l’escouade de Kessa @Levi
Fallen Royality @Levi
Der Fluch des Kapt’n Iglo
A Few Good Men @DM
Hutten mit Kutten @TH
Angels of Destruction @SF
White Rose Syndicate @SF
Knights of Old Enclave @SF
Alea lacta Est Timor @SF
Imperial Army @SF
Femme’s Fantasy’Island @SS
Temasek @SS
Enslaver @SS
The Lords of Betrayal @SS
Sandline Battalion RAS @SS
Star | Heroes of Ishtar @SS
The Galactic Republic @SS
The Sith \ Rep Dominion @DM
Horde of the Republic @DM
WookieeLeaks @DM
The Children of Embla | Ash @DM
Ancient Dark Guardians @DM
Enclave Praxum @Levi
Debauchery Tea Party @Levi
The Republic Defender @Levi
Mechanical Animals @Levi
Shenanigans @Levi
Le Nouvel Ordre @Levi
les chiens de midgard @Levi
The Last Rebellion @TH
Dark Force Awaken @TH
Nie Gluck mit Randoms @TH
The Black Legion @TH
Werse Duse denn @TH
Death Korps of Ziost @TH
Salus Corporation @TH
The Corrupted Batch @TH
Blauer Orden @TH
The Old Legend @TH
Galaxy Force @SS/SF
Annexed @SS
Friends in real life @Levi
Crazed | Crazier Misfits @SF
The Trade Federation @SF
Euphoria @SF
Subjugator Corps @SF
Rising Malevolence @SF
Mental Knights @SF
End of Times @SF
The Bearded Stoners @SF
Order of the Wolves @SF
Hjouse of Spjank @SS
republic warriors @SS
Jedi Rangers @SS
Wardens of the Republic @DM
Sith Ascendancy @DM
The Fastest Shitters in the West @DM
Childrens of the Watch @DM
Fifty Shades of Rey’s @DM
Clan Fett @DM
Lost Squadron @Levi
Les Serviteurs d’Abeloth @Levi
InDz @Levi
Terraformation @Levi
Manus Dei @Levi
les chasseurs de reves @Levi
White Angels @TH
Immortal Darkness @TH
Brotherhood @TH
N-Forcers @TH
Lords of Fascinatio @TH
Sovereign @SS
Mandalorian Empire @SS
L’Eternel Empire @Levi
Kingdom @Levi
The Agency @TH

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