New 7.2.1 Cartel Market & Future Giveaway Items

Cartel Market Items

Several new and unannounced Cartel Market items dropped in 7.2.1, some of which weren’t even on the PTS! These items include a Gaffi Stick, the Mandalorians Armor Set, as well as several AK-47s and ANDOR decoration bundles!


Mandalorian Nomad Armor Set – 2,600 Cartel Coins

Wasteland Tech Armor Set – 1,650 Cartel Coins


Elite Raider’s Gaffi Stick – 1,100 Cartel Coins

Jundland Cycler Rifle or Sniper – 900 Cartel Coins each


B3-K2 Blaster Pistol, Rifle or Sniper (AK-47) – 900 Cartel Coins each


SK-47 Blaster Pistol – Currently Unavailable

Wen Gallo Statue – 500 Cartel Coins


Giveaway / Event Rewards

There are a multitude of NEW giveaway/event rewards that I found combing the decorations window for new decorations for Galactic Seasons 4, these include:


Decoration Bundles

There are 3 new Decoration Bundles, 2 of which are based on the ANDOR series and one on the Empire from the Mandalorian series.

Security Office Bundle – 1,800 Cartel Coins

Imperial Console Bundle – 1,800 Cartel Coins

Shipyard Bundle – 1,800 Cartel Coins


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