Did You Know #81 – Contraband Slot Machines


The Contraband Slot Machine is a decoration that you can buy from the GTN for a billion credits or a flat price on the Cartel Market for 1,500 Cartel Coins. Unlike all other decorations this is the only interactable decoration that provides loot and rewards, and as such is usually in demand.

The Contraband Slot Machine required Contraband Slot Chips, which can be purchased from Felusia Stato, the Decoration NPC for 5k Credits each. The appeal of the machine is that it spits out ‘Underworld Exchange’ Reputation Trophies as common loot, saving you from opening dozens if not hundreds of Cartel Packs or Hypercrates in order to complete the Reputation.
This means that you can spend credits on chips instead of Cartel Coins/Ultimate Packs in order to unlock the Reputation Vendors located at the Cartel Bazaar on fleet, which sell Cartel Market items for Credits.

Other prizes from the Machine include Cartel Market Certificates, or even the unique, faction specific KX-5 and FA-3 Recon Walker mounts.

The loot table of the Contraband Slot Machine is something as follows based on a few thousand tested spins:

50% ChanceNo Prize
Common Chance (30% chance)Green Quality Reputation Trophy
Common Chance (30% chance)Blue Quality Reputation Trophy
Uncommon Chance (15% chance)Purple Quality Reputation Trophy
Rare Chance (under 5% chance)Cartel Market Certificate
Super Rare (under 1% chance)KX-5 Recon Walker Mount (Imperial)
Super Rare (under 1% chance)FA-3 Recon Walker Mount (Republic)

FA-3 Recon Walker Mount (Republic)

A unique Blue/Yellow walker mount with the Republic Insignia on its hull. Can only be rewarded to Republic players spinning Contraband Slot Machines.

Img credit: Swtorista.com

KX-5 Recon Walker Mount (Empire)

A unique Black/Silver walker mount with the Imperial crest on its hull. Can only be rewarded to Imperial players spinning Contraband Slot Machines.

Img credit: Swtorista.com

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