Did You Know #103 – The Original Dromund Kaas


Dromund Kaas, or as it was originally called “Drommund Kaas” was not always the homeworld of the Sith Empire from SWTOR. Infact it first originated in the 1998 Videogame Expanion, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2: Mysteries of the Sith. Where you played as Mara Jade on the hunt for a missing Kyle Katarn.

In the game, Dromund Kaas was much more swamp like and sterile, with heavy uses of red lighting and grey stone as opposed to the blue and bleak overgrown elements we see in SWTOR.
Within the levels themselves, you traverse the Swamps of Dromund Kaas playing as Mara Jade, fighting both animated Sith Statues as well as Sith Zombies all the while searching to find Kyle Katarn who had gone missing on the planet.
Eventually finding him within the throne room of the Dark Force Temple, totally enveloped in the Dark Side, the two fought with Mara Jade becoming victorious and helping Kyle Katarn redeem to the light at the cost of his own force powers.

While it has never been outright confirmed that this Dark Temple is the same as the Dark Temple in SWTOR, the Temple from SWTOR bears heavy resemblance to its predecessor from Mysteries of the Sith including it’s basic layout and appearance.

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