Did You Know #100 – Solo Seasons Flashpoints Guide


In Galactic Seasons there will often be a weekly objective worth many points for completing at least one small group or CoOp activity. However not all of the choices are equal, and some that seem harder may actually be easier then others!

For example there is often a Galactic Seasons Objective to play a Daily Area given between the two, currently of this post your two choices are do the 2 Yavin Daily Area weeklies or Ziost twice. Now you may be thinking “why do Ziost twice” but even a speedy Yavin Weekly runner is still slower then two Ziost runs across 2 characters.

Generally speaking CZ-198, Ziost and Black Hole are the fastest weeklies so always take doing them twice over any other weekly once, especially Section X, Onderon or Iokath which have super long weeklies even compared to Yavin or Oricon.

As for Flashpoint weeklies not all flashpoints are created equal!

For example ALL flashpoints that offer a [STORY] mode after KOTFE:
Crisis on Umbara, Traitor Amongst the Chiss, The Nathema Conspiracy, Objective Meridian, Spirit of Vengeance, Secrets of the Enclave & Ruins of Nul ALL have Bonus Bosses available in [STORY] mode, which means you can complete the entire season objective in 1 story mode run from the SOLO tab of groupfinder as a SOLO player.
Be careful not to fall into the [STORY] trap though, as flashpoints in story mode like Battle of Ilum or False Emperor are still incredibly loooooooong.


However while these are super fast (faster then Groupfinder with 4 skilled players) and usually always one is available, I can’t not recommend playing other flashpoints as a Stealther.
When they are available, Taral V, Boarding Party and Korriban Incursion are faster to play twice over on a Stealth character in [STORY] mode through Solo tab Groupfinder then even playing the fastest [STORY] flashpoint with a Bonus Boss.
Doing any of the 3 listed above as a Stealther with even 1 friend in Stealth as well thru the Solo Tab of Groupfinder can have you both complete the objective sometimes in under 15 minutes for 2 flashpoints.
Running the Seasons Companion that week will even most likely net you the other Season Objective for 100 special companion kills which is 2 Objectives with 1 Stone!

TL;DR Stealth if you can and the fastest flashpoints are:
Korriban Incursion x2 (no bonus)
Secrets of the Enclave + Bonus
Boarding Party x2 (no bonus)
Spirit of Vengeance + Bonus (only if stealth)
Ruins of Nul + Bonus
Nathema Conspiracy + Bonus (only if stealth)
Taral V x2 (only if stealth)

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