Did You Know #99 – Amban JP Rifle Disintegrations


The Amban JP Rifle is a weapon usable by Vanguards, Operatives and Snipers in both the Mainhand Weapon Slot and Outfit Slot. Unlike other Blaster Rifles in SWTOR, the Amban JP is completely unique in that upon killing any enemy in the game, they will explode in a ball of fire and the body will completely disintegrate. Don’t worry, you can still loot them.

While most notably made famous by Din Djarin when he loads in some high-velocity rounds in order to take out Jawas in Season 1 of the Mandalorian TV Series, the Rifle actually first appeared in the 1978 Star Wars: Holiday Special as the main weapon of Boba Fett.

Image Credit: piratesandprincesses.net

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