Darksaber SWTOR Guide

How to create the Darksaber in SWTOR. A guide on the best Kyber crystals, lightsabers and items you need to build your own Darksaber.

Darksaber SWTOR guide

The Darksaber first appeared in the Clone Wars and later both the Star Wars: Rebels TV series as well as most famously in the Mandalorian show on Disney+, it is best known for being the only saber to have a black core instead of white and have a distinct flat katana/sword shape instead of a long beam with a rounded tip.

There are many different ways to create the Darksaber in SWTOR, some of which look incredible in their own ways.
This guide will go over each of them as well as their costs.



The crystal is the most important part of the Darksaber, being a Black and White Kyber crystal there are only two options in SWTOR, the Black-Silver Crystal obtained from playing PvP and the White-Black Crystal from the Cartel Market.


Black-Silver Crystal

The Black-Silver Crystal costs 12 PvP Tokens which can be obtained from playing any single, or multiple PvP Seasons in SWTOR as both a F2P and a Subscriber.
This crystal comes Bound to Legacy, has no minimum level requirement, and comes as a box set of 8 Crystals.

It can be purchased from Giradda the Hutt in the PvP section on the Fleet at anytime. The Vendor rotates stock weekly, so you must check each week to see when it is available for purchase.

White-Black Crystal

The White-Black Crystal costs 2,200 Cartel Coins and is purchased individually through the Cartel Market or you can purchase it through the GTN for approximately 600-800 Million Credits.
This crystal has a minimul level requirement of 10 to Equip and Binds once equipped.

The White-Black Crystal unlocks in Collections which means you can pay an additional 400 Cartel Coin fee to unlock copies for use on other characters.

Darksaber Hilts

There are many different types of Lightsabers and Swords in SWTOR. Normal lightsabers have a regular blade while some Cartel Market Lightsabers such as Tulak Hord’s or Darth Malgus’ have lightning effects, which make the Kyber Crystals look more like the Darksaber.


Different Lightsabers and Swords look better when combined with either the Black-Silver or the White-Black Crystal.
If you do not wish to purchase a Cartel Market lightsaber with an unstable effect, your best choice is the Black-Silver Crystal instead as a normal lightsaber looks nothing like the Darksaber when using the White-Black crystal.

The image above shows a regular lightsaber when equipped with the Black-Silver Crystal (left), and the White-Black Crystal (right).

I would suggest using only the Black-Silver crystal on any regular Lightsaber in SWTOR, you can also add a Lightning Weapon Tuning (1,800 Cartel Coins) to give it a better look if you aren’t going to invest in an Unstable Lightsaber.



There are 3 different Unstable Lightsaber effects in SWTOR. Lightning, Crackling and Bubbling.
Lightning is seen on Darth Malgus’ and Arn’s Unshielded Lightsabers,
Crackling is seen on Tulak Hord and Dark Honor Guard’s Lightsabers,
Bubbling is seen on the Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber and is not relevant for this guide.

Below are examples of both types of Kyber Crystal when equipped on each type of Unstable Lightsaber in the game.

The Darth Malgus (Damaged) Lightsaber Hilt is closer to the appearance of the real Darksaber’s Blade, while the Hilt is not as accurate.
The lightsaber can be purchased from the Cartel Market for 4,800 Cartel Coins or approximately 1 Billion Credits from another player.

I would suggest only the Black-Silver Crystal instead of the White-Black Crystal on this lightsaber.


The Tulak Hord Lightsaber Hilt has the closest accuracy to the Hilt of the Darksaber itself. While the unstable Blade effect is not as accurate as the Darth Malgus (Damaged) lightsaber, this is still the most popular Lightsabers players use to mimic the Darksaber.
The lightsaber can be purchased from the Cartel Market for 5,400 Cartel Coins or sold in the Billions between players or traded for Hypercrates.

I would suggest using the Black-Silver crystal but both look very good in-game when equipped on an Unstable Lightsaber of this type.


Onderon Guardian Cutlass

The Onderon Guardian’s Cutlass can also be combined with a Holographic Weapon Tuning to create a very accurate Darksaber, however the model of the Vibrosword itself is not perfect and also sheathes on your characters back.

The Onderon Guardian’s Cutlass blade is the only one with the “sword edge” seen on the Darksaber itself. It is a necessity to also purchase and use a Holographic Weapon Tuning (1,800 Cartel Coins) and the White-Black Crystal as the Black-Silver Crystal looks bad.

The Cutlass can be purchased from the Cartel Market for 1,300 Cartel Coins or sold for roughly 450-500 Million Credits on the GTN or between players.


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