SWTOR PvP Season 2 Guide and Rewards

SWTOR PvP Season 2 ‘Piercing the Veil’ starts in Game Update 7.2.1 on March 28th and ends on June 10th. Both F2P and Subscribers can participate in PvP Seasons by playing PvP Warzones and Arena matches throughout the duration of the PvP Season.

This guide will go over PvP Season 2’s Pass, Progress, Rewards & Achievements.

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The Ultimate List of Character Outfits in SWTOR

There are many Armor Sets in SWTOR that are references or inspired by major Star Wars movies and TV shows. I have compiled a massive list of each item found in SWTOR’s Collections Log that are a reference or inspired by an existing Star Wars Character.

I have organised the list by ‘era’ of TV Show, Movie or Comic/Other. Blatant outfits such as “Darth Revan’s Armor” etc have been left out due to the obvious nature of their names.

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