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Here you will find a wide variety of Guides written for all skill levels of player based on Legacy of the Sith content.

Ruhnuk 7.2

Ruhnuk Datacron & Relic Hunt

An in depth guide on how to earn the Ruhnuk Datacron and 3 Relic Hunt Quests as a Solo Player in SWTOR.
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All 3 Ruhnuk Secret Achievements

How to earn all 3 of Ruhnuks Secret Achievements: Tineback Tamer, Leg Day and Wraid Night!
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Manaan & R-4 Anomaly

Manaan Invasion Zone Secret Achievements

How to earn the secret Converts & Compatriots and the All Things in Moderation achievements on Manaan.
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Manaan’s Firaxan Weapons Guide

Detailed images, videos and info on all 7 of the 7.1 Manaan Invasion Zone’s Reputation Reward weapons.
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R-4 Anomaly Lady Dominique Guide

A fundamental guide showing Lady Dominique’s Storymode and Hardmode mechanics and phases.
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Did You Know #65 – Using Power-Ups on Manaan

How to use the special Power Ups in the Manaan Daily area to significantly speed up your questing.

Did You Know #18 – Manaan’s Diving Club

A quick guide on the 2 secret achievements you can earn Solo on Manaan during Legacy of the Sith.


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Galactic Seasons 4 & PvP Rewards

A look at the GS4 and PvP Season 2 Rewards available on the PTS for 7.2.1.
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General LotS Posts

Did You Know #63 – R-4 Anomaly Quest Requirements

Why you must complete the Dxun Story Quest on Dxun before starting the official R-4 Anomaly Story Quest in SWTOR.

Did You Know #25 – Guaranteed Level 80 Item Upgrades

How you can maximise your item rating upgrades as a player and gear for the specific slot you need.

Did You Know #21 – Speedrunning Purple Gear

A quick guide showing how you can speedrun your way to Purple Quality gear during Legacy of the Sith as a level 80.

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