Lady Dominique Guide

Lady Dominique is the final boss of the R-4 Anomaly Operation in SWTOR. She is considered easier then Watchdog to kill yet takes around 8-10 minutes to kill due to her several distinct phases and mechanics.

Story Mode Health: 46.24 million
Veteran (Hard) Mode Health: 51 million (PTS value)
Recommended Composition: 2 Tanks, 4 DPS, 2 Healers
Recommended HM Composition: 2 Tanks, 5 DPS, 1 Healer

Story Mode Loot: 2x Blue R4 Story Gear Tokens (Randomly given)
Hard Mode Loot: 2x Purple R4 Veteran Gear Tokens (Randomly given), 1x Blue R4 Veteran Gear Token (per player), 1x Lady Dominique Statue (personal loot)

  1. Lady Dominique’s Arena
  2. Phase 1 – Circles
  3. Phase 2 – Lower Conduits
  4. Phase 3 – Upper Conduits
  5. Phase 4 – Attractors & Chain Knockbacks
  6. Phase 5 – Jaca & (HM) Watchdog
  7. Phase 6 – Final Burn

Lady Dominique’s Arena

Her arena takes place infront of an embedded Mass Shadow Generator. Touching the expose walls of the MSG will deal massive damage or kill your player, so try not to fall into or on it. Be very careful where you walk as you can fall off the catwalk floors very easily to your death.
There are three distinct floors, the bottom floor, middle floor and upper floor.

The bottom floor is where you enter, it contains 1 Conduit Generator on each end and is the floor where attractors and ARIA will spawn later in the fight.
The middle floor is a walkway between bottom and upper floor, it contains 1 Shielded Conduit Generator on each end and you should drop orange circles on this floor.
The upper floor is Lady Dominique’s walkway, she is spawned at the highest point overlooking your spawn location on the bottom floor.

Story Mode Only:

The Recovery Jetpack on Temp Hotbar can be used if you fall down into the pit below to teleport you back to the Bottom Floor. It will not work if you fall against a wall or the MSG.

Phase 1 – Circles

Before starting the fight, do not leap to her from the bottom floor as non-leap classes will lose half a minute reaching the boss, instead have everyone run around the sides and up to the 2 catwalks facing Lady Dominique.
For proper placement, make sure one tank is facing Dominique down one of the walkways or towards the spawn-point on the bottom floor. Have everyone else bunch up on the opposing walkway.

Lady Dominique will constantly drop a giant purple circle debuff on whoever she is focused on (has aggro to), it will place a purple lightning debuff on all those effected and do some resonably large damage ticks, so the Tank with aggro/focus wants to make sure that DPS and Healers arent standing close enough as it is placed on their feet.
This Purple Circle attack persists through all phases where Dominique is active until she dies.

Periodically throughout the entire Boss Fight, Dominique will also channel the power of the Mass Shadow Generator, you will see a Large White Circle emit from the physical Mass Shadow Generator model against the wall. When the circle charges completely, everyone will be knocked away from the Mass Shadow Generator, NOT DOMINIQUE.
If you are on an upper floor, you will be knocked down to the bottom floor. If you are on a Bottom Floor you may be knocked off the edge and die!

Dominique will now start dropping 2 circles, Yellow and Orange on anyone that she isn’t currently focus aggro’d on. She will continue doing these two circles throughout the entire fight until the final phase. These circles follow the players feet so make sure you pay attention incase she places one on you.

These circles “charge” outwards and their effect triggers once the inner-colored circle that starts under your feet reaches the edge of the colored circle.

Yellow Circle – Knockback

The Yellow Circle “Force Pushes” your character once the circle charges. The push originates from whatever direction Dominique is from your character. The easiest way to stay safe is by quickly moving up against the North Generator or stand on the opposite catwalk of your team. Other players caught in your circle will also be pushed back.

Orange Circle – Floor AOE

The Orange Circle applies a Red Electricity AOE that damages all players standing in it. It will only spawn once the circle completes and lasts for about 1 minute before despawning. The best place to drop them is the Middle Floor starting as close as possible to Dominique and having the next circles placed as close as possible.

Phase 2 – Lower Conduits

Around 30 seconds to a minute into the fight, Phase Two will start. You will hear an audio queue from ARIA that she has come to help and must be defended but it will take some time. Continue standing up top and continuing to survive circles and knockbacks, the only attention that is required is on both Tanks. During this phase Lady Dominique will need to be managed by BOTH Tanks so that she looks away from ARIA at all times.

When ARIA spawns she will start at the center of the Bottom Floor and travel South to the Souther Conduit Generator. To make sure she is defended, have the Tanks both stand facing the Upper Floor catwalk towards the North Generator with all DPS and Healers tucking in melee range of Lady Dominique facing either the MSG or the South catwalk. Both tanks will need to watch Dominique’s threat and keep her LOS’d of ARIA at all times, swapping taunts if needed.

ARIA will begin slicing one of the two Conduits, either the North or South one it is random and may change every time you fight her, you can check her progress by the giant clock above her head which takes about 45s-1min to complete. If Lady Dominique spots ARIA she will instantly kill her, and you must wait a few seconds before another ARIA respawns on the Bottom Floor and begins the timer from scratch.

Once ARIA completes the first generator she will then walk around on the Bottom Floor to the second generator. Make sure the Tanks and group swap sides of the Upper Floor catwalks accordingly to face her towards the first generator that was destroyed.
Once she has sliced both generators the group will most likely be hit with a White Circle burst from the MSG that throws everyone to the Bottom Floor.

Phase 3 – Upper Conduits

After ARIA has finished you will continue Phase One mechanics of White and Yellow/Orange Circles until Lady Dominique reaches 65% Hitpoints, she will then channel SEPARATE and shield the two Middle Floor Conduit Generators.

During this time Lady Dominique will stop floating and begin chasing whoever she is focusing. Adds will also begin spawning on the Bottom Floor continuously during this Phase. Make sure not to push Dominique below 40% HP during this Phase or she will gain an immunity shield.

There are two types of adds that spawn during this phase Grey Swarm Thralls and Grey Detonators.
Grey Swarm Thralls appear to be humanoid characters and are trash, have DPS kill them as quickly as possible.
Grey Detonators are huge Drouks that look like Dreadtooth and must be killed ontop of a Conduit Generator. They explode when killed.

During this phase, you can go to either North or South Conduit first, it does not matter (most players go North first).
The easiest method is to have your Main Tank hold Dominique with their back towards a Conduit Generator. Now the Off-Tank should roam the Bottom Floor and find the Grey Detonator’s, using AOE taunts to gather as many Thrall Adds as possible.

The Off-Tank should now quickly make their way back to the group and Generator where the Main Tank can now AOE Taunt to aggro the Thralls and the Off-Tank should Single-Target Taunt the Grey Detonator to hold them against the Generator.
TWO Grey Detonator explosions next to the Cunduit are needed to destroy it.

Repeat this until both Conduit Generators are destroyed and push Lady Dominique to 40% HP.

Phase 4 – Attractors & Chain Knockbacks

After both Conduits are destroyed, Lady Dominique (if not already pushed past 40%) will run back to her spot on the Upper Floor and shield herself briefly. In this time 2 unshielded Attractors will spawn on the Bottom Floor and must be killed ASAP.

Attractors spawn their own mobs continuously until they are defeated, the longer you leave them the harder mobs they spawn.
Healers and Ranged DPS can hit the Attractors from the Upper Floor standing near Lady Dominique.

In this phase the Attractors down the bottom will not be shielded and quite easy to kill. The second mechanic introduced once the Attractors are destroyed and you begin fighting Lady Dominique again are Chain Knockback Yellow Circles.
Lady Dominique will cast a Chain Knockback and Four players will be Tethered-together by a line of Yellow Arrows, indicating the path the Knockback Chain will take. Any other players caught in the circle radius will also be pushed but will not be part of the Chain.

The first player hit will be pushed back like any other Yellow Circle: Away from Dominique. Following players will be pushed away from the location of the LAST PLAYER to be pushed, NOT Dominique.

I suggest having either ALL players affected back up against a Conduit or having the players stand in a line on their own on the Upper Floor catwalk, this way they will be pushed back against each other or away from each other in a Safe Line.

Phase 5 – Jaca & (HM) Watchdog

Once Dominique reaches 25% HP, Jaca the Pilot will enter the Boss Fight as another Helpful NPC. Jaca flies above the map shooting White Circles on the Bottom Floor. Any mobs caught in these circles when they explode will take massive amounts of damage.

Veteran Mode – Watchdog

In Veteran Mode only Watchdog the 2nd Boss spawns at 10% of his HP: 5.4million. All players must go destroy Watchdog as he will continue “Self Repairing” the longer he stays alive. Each time he Repairs more he adds one mechanic from his encounter to the Dominique Fight until he is dead.

From now on ALL Attractors downstairs will be completely shielded, meaning you cannot damage them. They will continue to spawn adds of increasing quantity, there are two strategies to surpassing this phase:
First Strategy: The Off-Tank goes downstairs with one DPS or a ranged DPS up top, and lures the adds downstairs into any closeby White Circles.
Second Strategy: The Off-Tank stays up top and uses AOE-Taunt when enough adds are on the Upper Floor. The Main Tank then re-taunts Lady Dominique and the DPS either knock back, cleave or AOE the mobs and Dominique together.

As you progress this point, Dominique may shoot down Jaca the Pilot, this is a scripted part of the fight, there’s nothing you can do.

Phase 6 – Final Burn

Once Lady Dominique has reached 15% HP she will begin Final Burn. Nothing changes as from the last Phase specifically, she will continue doing Yellow Circle Chain Knockbacks however much harder Add groups will now spawn on the Bottom Floor and make their way up to kill you.

Your goal is to kill Lady Dominique while everyone tries to stay alive and on the Upper Floor before too many Add Mobs make it to you.
Two new Add Mobs will have appeared by now:
Grey Swarm Reapers: Tough enemies that have execute abilities which do massive damage to a single player. If you are hit by a Reaper you may be slowed, if they continue to strike you they may execute you immediately for huge damage.
Hulking Monstrosity: Giant creatures that act as damage sponges and apply constant DOTs and interfere with players.

The best thing to do is have everyone focus on Lady Dominique, pop defensives and if you have knockbacks, use them on the Adds to push them down a floor or into the pit. Once Lady Dominique dies all Adds will automatically despawn.

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