Did You Know #64 – Elom Digsite Easter Eggs


Game Update 7.1 added a bunch Easter Eggs hidden amongst new Story locations on Elom, Manaan and the R-4 Anomaly! The most secretive of NPCs are a pair of Golfers and their caddy droids that you can find on both the Republic and Imperial versions of the “Digging Deeper” Story quest while you’re at the Elom Digsite.

To find the Golfers, head on past the Medical Droid to the West and go down the Mountain Pass as if you were playing the Ruins of Nul flashpoint in reverse, when you come to the edge of the cliffside you can find an NPC tucked away golfing!

Imperial Golf NPC with Droid.

I played the quest several times today and noticed that the Republic version will alternate either giving you a blue skinned human NPC (most likely a Pantoran from Clone Wars) or a blue Twi’lek. Whereas the Imperial version only has one human golfer wearing a yellow hat and pants.

Story Character Spoiler Easter Eggs


There are several other easter-eggs abound in the Elom Digsite location in SWTOR. Namely regardless if you have completed his alliance alert or not, Talos Drellik offers at least 5 different cutscene variations of an opening speech with custom dialogue for the Inquisitor!

  1. Republic Players who have never met him.
  2. Republic Players who have done his alliance alert.
  3. Imperial Players who have never met him.
  4. Imperial players who have done his alliance alert.
  5. A Sith Inquisitor who never did his alliance alert will have special reuniting dialogue.

Likewise in the Imperial Story version of “Digging Deeper” at the Elom Digsite, Barden Golah will also offer 2 different versions of unique dialogue. One for those that met him in the Vanilla game and completed his Quest on Tatooine and a new introduction if you didn’t.

If you completed his Vanilla game Quest on Tatooine you have the option of referencing his old rank as “Captain Golah” in which he corrects himself, or you can choose to pretend you forgot/say you dont remember who he even is.

In the Republic Story version of “Digging Deeper” at the Elom Digsite, Jedi Knight players get the option of referencing Kira Carsen being a former Child of the Emperor, whereas all other classes only have the option of asking what a “Child of the Emperor” is or why they should care, including the Consular.

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