Did You Know #65 – Manaan 7.1 Power-Ups!


On release of 7.1 many players flocked to Manaan to earn Reputation and Rewards from the new Invasion Zone Daily area. There is a massive list of quests and heroics that can be quite tough or at least time consuming however both the Republic and Imperial Base have NPCs that give you infinite use Power-Ups for any Class as long as you have completed the 7.1 Manaan story-quest which should appear in your mission log the moment you finish Elom in Legacy of the Sith.

Dux Akko – Republic Location
Ora Jaffchee – Imperial Location

Republic Players can find their Power-Up vendor named Dux Akko an Arcona alien holding a tablet, inside the Base near the Invasion Zone spawn point.
Imperial Players can find their Power-Up vendor named Ora Jaffchee, a purple Rodian holding a tablet, immediately down the elevator from the Invasion Zone spawn point.

There are 6 total Power-Ups that can be placed in 3 slots, with each Slot offering one of two Power-Ups, keep in mind you need to have Temporary Hotbar enabled to see them as they occupy a bar-space with Heroic Moment-like abilities. Any class can have access to or use any of the Power-Ups you choose and they only go away once you leave Manaan.


Slot 1:
Experimental Grenades: A large AoE grenade that slows anyone caught inside or stuns weak enemies.
Reflective Sheild: A shield that absorbs a large amount of incoming damage for a few seconds. 40 second cooldown.

Slot 2:
Kolto Probe: A Kolto probe applied to a friendly target (or self) that heals about 16k over 12 seconds.
Plasma Probe: A placeable AOE that emits waves of fire damage in the placed location to any enemy that stands in it.

Slot 3:
Speed Boost: Similar to Force-Speed.
Stealth Generator: Literally just the Operative/Scoundrels Stealth Ability. A must pick for any non stealth class.

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