Fashion – Clone Troopers

In this Guide: Phase 1 & 2 Clone Trooper Outfits that you can buy for credits or craft!

Slide 1: Outfit, Slide 2: Different Phases

Outfit Table

SlotPhase 1ColourPhase 2
HeadBalmorran Trooper^MatchHoth Trooper^
ChestTatooinian Trooper^
Alderaanian Trooper^
Secondary Dye
for color
Tatooinian Trooper^
Alderaanian Trooper^
HandsAlderaanian Trooper^MatchAlderaanian Trooper^
BeltAlderaanian Trooper^MatchAlderaanian Trooper^
LegsAlderaanian Trooper^MatchAlderaanian Trooper^
FeetAlderaanian Trooper^MatchAlderaanian Trooper^
WeaponE-313 Heavy Repeating Disruptor Rifle^Blue CrystalE-313 Heavy Repeating Disruptor Rifle^
ExtrasCheck image below for different LegionsCheck image below for different Legions
^ Each item except for Dyes were purchased for Credits from the new 7.1 Cosmetic Vendors: More info here.

Shiny P1/2: White/White (CM/GTN), 212th (Cody): Secondary Light Orange (Craft/GTN), 501st (Rex): Secondary Deep Blue (Bazaar).
Coruscant Guard (Fox/Fordo): Secondary Deep Red (Bazaar), 104th (Wolffe): Seconary Medium Grey (Craft/GTN), 442nd (Yoda): Secondary Deep Green (Craft/GTN).

Created by Kal – Today in TOR

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