Rare Items

The ultimate guide list to all of the Rare items, Rewards and More that you can find and unlock in SWTOR.


Rare Weapons & Armor

Game Tip #1 – Earning Free Crystals

How you can use the Eternal Championship to unlock free Legacy Bound kyber crystals in 3 rare colours.

Game Tip #6 – Looting Revan’s Lightsaber

How you can get your very own moddable Revan Lightsaber in game by killing specific enemies.

Trivia #17 – Green and Black Crystals

Unlocking the special Black-Core Green Kyber Crystals from the Rakghoul Event.

Game Tip #22 – Hallowed Gothic Armor

Where to find and kill the rarest NPC on Oricon that unlocks the final piece to a special Cosmetic Set.

Game Tip #31 – Karagga’s Unyielding Helm

An easy guide to how you can earn the prestigious Hutt Crown in the Karagga’s Palace Operation in SWTOR.

Game Tip #55 – Merciless Seeker Armor Set

How you can earn this Mandalorian Cartel Market armor set from a Rakghoul Event Boss in SWTOR.

Game Tip #60 – Earning the Darksaber ‘Black-Silver’ Crystal

Construct your own Darksaber with the Black-Silver Crystal, how to earn the Crystal Set and it’s details.

Rare Mounts

Game Tip #7 – Cyborg Rancor Mount

How you can earn your own super rare Cybernetic Rancor Mount from the Eternal Championship.

Game Tip #26 – Tauntaun Mount Guide

The fastest ways to earn your own Tauntaun Mount on Hoth in SWTOR.

Game Tip #27 – Desler Explorer Mount

How you can earn this sleek green Mount from the rare Martinique Desler NPC on CZ-198.

Game Tip #38 – The Red Sphere Mount

How to earn the incredibly rare Red Sphere Mount during the Gree Event.

Game Tip #58 – Free Opal Vulptilla Mount!

Time Limited: How you can earn your own super rare Opal Vulptilla Mount right now in SWTOR!


Rare Pets & Toys

Game Tip #28 – Unlocking the Hidden Gree Event Pet

A fast guide on how you can unlock your own L’il Gree Pet from a hidden Quest during the Gree Event.

Game Tip #35 – Rare Mewvorr Pets

Where you can earn each of the Mewvorr Pet during the Prelude to Shadow of Revan Expansion Quests.

Game Tip #39 – Revanite Scarab Pet

A simple guide to earning your own Scarab Underwalker pet on Yavin.

Game Tip #43 – The Honorary Bouncer’s Badge Item

A guide on how you can unlock the Bouncers Badge achievement item that turns your character into a Sith ghost.

Trivia #48 – The Lobelot Frog Pet

Where you can find your own tiny purple Lobelot Frog pet.

Game Tip #49 – Yarvoks Gratitude Badge

How you can earn a rare toy from the Pirate Incursion Event that turns your character into a golden glowing ghost.

Game Tip #56 – The Party Jawa

How to earn the Party Crasher Title and 3 achievements using the partying Jawa pet in SWTOR.

Rare Unlocks

Game Tip #8 – H2-WF Probe Droid Companion

How and where you can go to unlock the best Tanking Companion in SWTOR as low as level 10!

Trivia #10 – Free Droid Customizations.

How you can earn 2 Free Companion Customisations by completing a special achievement from your Legacy Window.

Game Tip #41 – The Contraband Slot Machine

A simple guide to All of the Prizes that you can win from this Stronghold Decoration item in SWTOR.

Trivia #49 – Quick Vrik the Ugnaught Companion

Where you can earn the smallest companion in SWTOR, Quick Vrik, during the Pirate Incursion Event.

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