Gameplay & Level 80

The ultimate guide list to all of the Tips and Tricks that you can use to improve your SWTOR gameplay and level 80 experience.


Level 80 Content

Trivia #9 – Manaan’s Diving Club

A quick guide on the 2 secret achievements you can earn Solo on Manaan during Legacy of the Sith.

Game Tip #11 – Speedrunning Purple Gear

A quick guide showing how you can speedrun your way to Purple Quality gear during Legacy of the Sith as a level 80.

Game Tip #13 – Guaranteed Level 80 Item Upgrades

How you can maximise your item rating upgrades as a player and gear for the specific slot you need.

Trivia #32 – Easter Eggs on Elom

All of the Easter Eggs that you can find in the quest Digging Deeper on Elom from a golfing Pantoran to unique class dialogue.

Game Tip #32 – R-4 Anomaly Quest Requirements

Why you must complete the Dxun Story Quest on Dxun before starting the official R-4 Anomaly Story Quest in SWTOR.

Game Tip #33 – Using Power-Ups on Manaan

How to use the special Power Ups in the Manaan Daily area to significantly speed up your questing.

Game Tip #53 – Ruhnuk’s Kithrawl World Boss

The best ways to kill the Ruhnuk Worldboss as a SOLO player and the Codex Entries you can earn from the Kithrawl’s den.


Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Game Tip #3 – Crafting with Hotbars

Using your hotbars to send your Companions on Crew Skills instead of manually opening the Craft Window each time.

Game Tip #5 – How to Revive Dead Companions

The computer you can use on Odessen that allows you to use Companions that have died or lost in SWTOR.

Game Tip #9 – Items being Deleted in 7.0

A compiled list of all items that Bioware will be removing in Legacy of the Sith.

Game Tip #10 – Shared Mob Tagging

The ins and outs of the Shared Mob Tagging system in SWTOR and how you can best use it to kill bosses and complete quests.

Game Tip #14 – Grade 11 Lockbox Loot

How to maximise your endgame currency earning and make passive credits running Crew Skill Missions.

Game Tip #16 – Using Groupfinder Solo

Why you should consider using the Groupfinder Solo Tab to instantly travel around the galaxy for free from any location.

Game Tip #18 – Instantly level any Companion to 50

How to utilise the Commanders Compendium item on Fleet to boost any Companion to influence 50!


Game Tip #20 – Using Weapons in Outfit Designer

How you can best use, mix or match weapon types in SWTOR’s new Outfit Designer including sharing between Combat Styles.

Game Tip #23 – Rocket Boots Mount

The benefits of why you should consider buying the Rocket Boots Mount from your Legacy Unlocks.

Game Tip #51 – Colorblind Settings in SWTOR

The ins and outs of SWTOR’s new Colorblind Settings and how you can use the new settings to create beautiful screenshots.

Game Tip #52 – LifeDay Snowballing Tips

A simple guide on the best ways you can earn Life Day Parcels in SWTOR and earn the event achievements.

Game Tip #59- Uprising Conquest Points Farm

How you can earn 200k Conquest Points in under 20 minutes, TWICE a day in SWTOR!

Game Settings & Help

Game Tip #12 – Speed Clicking Decoration Unlocks

How you can use your Hotbar and Keybinds to claim massive quantitites of decorations per minute.

Game Tip #24 – Utilising Loot Disciplines

A simple guide on how you can best utilise changing Loot Disciplines to guarantee the gear drops you need at level 75+

Game Tip #29 – Social Items Gear Vendor

How all of SWTOR’s new Social Levels work after 7.0 and the vendor on Fleet that sells every single cosmetic item.

Game Tip #40 – Customising Subtitles in SWTOR

How you can customise the subtitle color, font size and outline in SWTOR.


Old / Specific

Game Tip #9 – Items being Deleted in 7.0

A compiled list of all items that Bioware will be removing in Legacy of the Sith.

Game Tip #21 – Cheap Collections Unlocks

The cheapest and insanely discounted Cartel Unlocks that you can take advantage of each time a Collections Sale happens.

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