Did You Know #47 – Loot Disciplines


Loot Disciplines were introduced during the release of Onslaught and activate once you pass level 70. This feature allows you to earn gear for any other “archetype” that your class has access to, including your 2nd Combat Style and all of it’s disciplines!

Example: This means that as a DPS Sorcerer, you can earn Healer gear while you play as a DPS. If you have your 2nd Combat Style set to Juggernaut or Assassin, you can even earn Tank gear while playing as a DPS Sorcerer!

While your Main Storyline and Quest rewards will still remain to your current discipline/combat style as you level throughout the game until 70+, mentally preparing to use the Loot Disciplines Window for endgame is a must. As specific gear that you may want has RNG Drop bias on different archetypes and selected disciplines.

Guidance Tips:

  • At Item Rating 318 or higher, the game will drop you same-item rating Gear, helping you skip grind/upgrades paths.
  • If you need Critical or Alacrity stats in gear, opt into a Healer type Loot discipline as it cannot drop accuracy items.
  • If you need an Accuracy earpiece or Power/Devastating Vengeance relics, opt into a DPS type Loot discipline.

  • When gearing an ALT:
    • swap your Loot Discipline to their class type and you will gain gear pieces that may not even be possible to equip on your current character (get Dual-Saber as Loot while playing a Sorcerer etc).
    • If your ALT that does not share a class with your Main, consider picking their 2nd Combat Style to match your Main, this way you can swap to it when playing to keep wearing your Main’s better gear, swap the Loot Discipline back to their Original Class or Discipline to get Gear Drops for them without starting from scratch.

The Loot Discipline system is highly reccommended for people that play endgame content that wish to gear faster and effectively as not all Disciplines share the same Loot Layout. DPS, Tank and Heal classes have different stats attached to different gear slots (Sorcerer gear has Accuracy in the head and chest, Marauder gear has Accuracy in gloves and pants).
Learning this layout can help maximise which disciplines you should be playing or swapping around at level 75+.

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