Codex Lore #24 – Odile Vaiken


Odile Vaiken was born over a thousand years before the Treaty of Coruscant. As a young child he witnessed the massacre of Korriban and the fleeing Sith Exiles fragment as a then Sith Lord, Tenebrae was left to pick up the pieces.

Rising quickly through the Sith Empire’s waning ranks, he proved that a non-force sensitive could reach great heights in the Empire as well as any Sith could, constantly outperforming and improving upon himself and his work. Odile was tasked with reforming the remains of the Sith Military and proved himself to not just the Sith, but the Sith Emperor, Vitiate himself.

During the Dromund Kaas campaign, the Sith Empire had decided to settle upon this planet as their new homeworld to rebuild in secret however the wildlife and terrain provided to be difficult to tame. Odile Vaiken pushed the Sith Army through the jungles using reformed tactics and new resources to conquer and colonize the jungles, where he himself, personally slew a wild Terentatek on the very grounds where the Imperial Citadel would later be founded.

After construction of Kaas City and the Imperial Citadel, Odile Vaiken gained support of the Dark Council for his efforts. Turning his sights onto space, he founded the Imperial Navy and its technologies, even going as far as designing the first version of the Sith Empire’s Star Destroyers, known as Harrowers.

After all this time, Vaiken was then personally awarded the rank and title of Grand Moff by Emperor Vitiate. He was the first person ever to be given this title in the Sith Empire. Odile was also rumored to have founded Imperial Intelligence at this time, however some Sith believe that was Vitiate’s power base and not Vaiken.

Vaiken would resume with his work, taking the new Star Destroyers to nearby planets and conquering the alien inhabitants. Unfortunately this would lead to the mysterious demise of Grand Moff Odile Vaiken, as during a mission to deep space, his entire Star Destroyer was decimated by an unknown and hostile alien species.

1200+ years later, the Sith Empire would found “Vaiken Spacedock” – in honor of Odile, the home territory of the Sith Empire’s first fleet and command, even housing the Dark Council at times.
The Sith Fleet and Army that Odile Vaiken had pioneered a thousand years prior would be used directly against the Republic, when the Empire struck in the retaking of Korriban and the subsequent Cold War.


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