Did You Know #48 – Kakkran Daggerstar


The Kakkran Daggerstar is a mount you can obtain in SWTOR from the Galactic Seasons NPC or by a special pre-KOTFE subscriber giveaway. The mount itself is the same model that you race in as Revan during KOTOR 1’s Swoop Races across various planets.

The most notable race Revan won was that of the Taris Undercity, where Revan allied with the Hidden Beks Swoop Gang to race and save the Jedi Bastila Shan from slavery.
In SWTOR, there is a commonly repeating event known as the “All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally” where players can represent one of three teams in a series of racing based timers and challenges, one of which are the Blatant Beks Swoop Gang; a team of Swoop racers that share similarity to the Hidden Beks much to it’s leaders chagrin.

Additionally in SWTOR on Taris, players can find large parts of the old Vulkar and Bek swoop tunnels on the far east of the world map, if they wish to go race their mounts upon the same track as Kotor in the open world.

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