Did You Know #49 – Swoop Event Made Easy


The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally is a one-week event that periodically comes in and out of SWTOR. Players can represent 3 Teams across Onderon, Tatooine and Dantooine, for a total of 9 Rallies on every day of the Event.

Each Team has a variety of different objectives and time trials that must be met in order to 100% each Rally on each planet.
There is one universal and semi-difficult trial to complete that is attached to all 9 races across all 3 planets and teams, the ‘Time Trial’. Certain Teams Swoop Bikes are naturally slower then others so completing this trial at the same time as the Main Objective and all bonus Trials in one go can be quite difficult.

How To 100% Every Race Easily

As you race, no matter the team or planet you must cross rainbow-coloured hologram checkpoints that are laid out across the course from the beginning to the finish line. These checkpoints are the progress markers for the ‘Time Trial’ objective, which is the hardest objective of the race to complete for most people.

However the final rainbow-hologram checkpoint is not actually the Finish Line, but instead a few meters infront of it. If you wish to easily win any race with 100% Trials & Objectives, simply focus on using the boost pads, your personal boost and hit every checkpoint. Then as you cross the final checkpoint before the Finish Line, swing around to avoid crossing the line and go back, completing the regular objectives (boost rings, jumps, explosions, power orbs) at your own pace until you complete all objectives.

Once done simply cross the finish line and you will earn all the achievements for trials and perfect objectives for that specific team and course. It may add an extra minute or two onto your total playtime but you won’t have to stress if you make a mistake, miss an objective or drove off course.

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