Fashion: Scout Trooper (ROTJ)

Budget Option offers affordable for F2P or under 1 Million in total cost

Outfit Table

SlotNameColourBudget Option
HeadBK-0 CombustionMatchBK-0 Combustion (Bazaar)*^
ChestTatooine Trooper Chest^White/White DyeWhite/Grey Dye*
HandsDiabolist GlovesNo MatchRD-17A Hellfire^
Dye: anything where Black Secondary *
BeltTriumphant PredatorMatchSpace Guardian^
LegsRecon TrooperNo MatchScout’s Leggings^
FeetAlderaanian Trooper Boots^MatchElite Regulator (Bazaar)*^
WeaponsPW-12 Plasma Core Sniper
or VL-10 ST Rifle
Fire Red Crystal*“Carbine” Green-Quality Blaster Rifle*
Red Crystal*
ExtrasGL-13 Blaster PistolTrainee’s Blaster Pistol^
* denotes Non-Cartel Market item, + denotes Galactic Season/Limited item, ^ denotes Vendor/Legacy item

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