Did You Know #46 – Titles of the Shadow Syndicate


Galactic Seasons 2 gave us many more lore cutscenes than Galactic Seasons 1. Qi’us Dnar, a Togruta associate of Fen Zeil acts as a cutscene NPC on Nar Shaddaa for players wishing to level up their Shadow Syndicate reputation.

As you level up the Shadow Syndicate during the Season, both Fen Zeil (if summoned) and Qi’us Dnar will change their cutscene dialogue and interactions with your character as you continue to return to them at higher and higher levels.

When you first meet them during Fen Zeil’s tutorial quest, the Shadow Synicate is trusting yet apprehensive of you. As you return later to level up the Shadow Syndicate and turn in items, Fen and Qi’us will induct you as a Shadow’s Initiate, then call you the Master of Shadow’s before finally unveiling your grand title of The Shadow’s Veil.
These titles ofcourse are tied to your progress in advancing the Shadow Syndicate (Legacy Reputation), and when upgraded, the titles will become available for all your characters to display.

Finally, once Fen and Qi’us crown you as The Shadow’s Veil, they will begin using your characters full name + legacy name in cutscenes when talking about you (green highlight in above image).

You can read more about my experiences with Galactic Seasons 2 here.

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