Did You Know #63 – Dxun Before R-4


Don’t worry, you can still access and play the full Raid in both Story mode and Veteran(Hard) mode!
As per the official SWTOR livestream held on the 28th of July, Bioware has revealed that in order to unlock the new R-4 Anomaly’s Storyline with cutscenes and dialogue, you must first complete the Dxun Operation storyline on Onderon beforehand.

I will keep this post SPOILER FREE however the reasoning behind locking the story off behind completion of the Dxun Storyline is due to the fact that characters introduced both during, and at the end of the Dxun Storyline in the after-raid cutscenes on Onderon are officially involved in the R-4 Anomaly Story. Those that played the R-4 Raid on the PTS and made it to Lady Dominique or defeated her will know which characters these are and their involvement in the new raid.

This means that if you want to go into the R-4 Anomaly immediately on the first day of Update 7.1 and complete its Storyline Quest, you need to make sure you have completed the Dxun Story Quest on the specific character you want to play the R-4 Anomaly on before the update next week.

To find the Dxun Story Quest, make sure you have completed Onslaught initially then head to Onderon. Immediately upon exiting your Factions Spawn building, there should be a droid at the bottom of a ramp offering the quest with a Purple marker.
This is the droid R4-G2 on the bottom-left of the Republic side ramp exiting the Republic base Palace,
and the droid R3-G5 on the bottom-right of the Imperial side ramp exiting the Imperial base Hunting Lodge.

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