Did You Know #62 – Secret Cutscenes with Juda


As a Bounty Hunter you are first introduced to Nemro’s Twi’lek assistant Juda during beginning of your storyline on Hutta. You only get a few official chances to talk to her during the storyline as she often handles handing your character rewards after you complete quests for Nemro.
Juda actually offers multiple secret cutscenes that you can start with her throughout your time on Hutta, including a brief romance for Male characters.

Each time you enter Nemro’s Palace story phase for the Hunter, you will probably be told to go directly to Nemro, or once finished, directly past Juda to your next quest objective outside the Palace. Each time this happens, you can go up to Juda and if your cursor changes from a triangle to a speech bubble (even if she offers no quest or has no chat icon above her head), this will begin a secret cutscene with her.

In total there is about 3 secret cutscenes and a bonus romance for Male characters that flirted with her throughout the story. So next time you roll a new Bounty Hunter, go up to Juda and click to chat and she may just offer you a secret cutscene.

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Youtube Video by Just Romance Things showing a Juda romance.

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