Fashion – Lord Kanoth

In this Guide: Lord Kanoth’s Outfit in 2 Different appearance versions.

Outfit Table

SlotVersion 1ColourVersion 2
HeadCallous ConquerorNo MatchCallous Conqueror
ChestFurious Battler+ / Replica+
(Requires Ranked PvP)
Black Black
Revitalized Mystic^ or
Ardent Oracle (CM)
HandsAcolytes Gloves^Sith Apprentice
Acolytes Gloves^
BeltGeneric Green Light Armor
No MatchGeneric Green Light Armor
LegsDark Acolyte’s Robe*Black Red Dye*Generic Green Light Armor
(Lower Robe)*
FeetAcolytes Boots^MatchAcolytes Boots^
ExtrasChest accurate but has no hoodChest missing pauldrons but has hood
* denotes Non-Cartel Market item, + denotes Galactic Season/Limited item, ^ denotes Vendor/Legacy item

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