Did You Know #25 – Level 80 Upgrade Guarantee


Annoyed you keep missing boss loot for a specific slot you need? Keep getting the wrong relic as loot and want to increase your chances at getting the right one?

You can actually tell the game to give you loot of a specific item slot type with this 1 neat trick!

When you equip Level 80 gear in every slot, the game will start randomly dictating (through all content loot) which slot it goes to whether or not you need it, and as we know, the [WEEKLY] boxes give an assured upgrade to the slot with the worst/lowest gear in it.
However, if you really need that rakata relic or supreme decurion accuracy earpiece, there is a really simple method for guaranteeing yourself a drop in that slot.

When you throw on a 306 item (for example relic slot) with all other slots with level 80 gear, the game will force the next loot drop to “catch you up” in that single slot, believing you to be behind and quickly giving you a baseline replacement that it wants you to equip asap.
If you get something unfavorable (the wrong relic type), you can keep a 306 relic in and keep getting relic drops over and over until you get the ones you want to use.

While you’re still going to be responsible for upgrading the piece manually, this is a great way to assure yourself upgrades to your gear when playing content if you really need a replacement X or missing Y slot.

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