Did You Know #24 – The Lady of Pain


The Lady of Pain is a Rattataki female that you first encounter in the Bounty Hunter class story on Tatooine in SWTOR.
Her facial tattoos bear strong resemblance to another famous Rattataki (retconned later), Asajj Ventress of the Clone Wars TV series. They even share the same voice actor – Nika Futterman.

What makes this more interesting is both characters involvements in ‘Fight Pits’.
Fight Pits are an established part of Rattatak culture where many beings from all over the galaxy compete in a cutthroat arena in order to gain wealth and recognition.
While the Lady of Pain is introduced to us players as the host of the Fight Pit on Tatooine, Ventress was a participant in a ‘Fighting Pit’ and killed the entire competition in order to be recognised as a ‘Sith’ in the eyes of Count Dooku.
This marked Asajj Ventress’ first ever appearance in all of Star Wars in the 2003 animated series on Cartoon Network.

I thought this was a fun little easter-egg to longtime Star Wars fans given the connection between the two characters, how each of them are essentially so similar in both appearance and background culture.

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