Codex Lore #12 – Malgus on Elom


After the events of the Secrets of the Enclave story during Onslaught, in which the Republic and Empire raced to the old Jedi Temple on Dantooine to uncover Malgus’ intentions, only for both sides to arrive late and empty handed as Malgus had left with what he was already searching for.

Darth Malgus was then rumored via Odessen Alliance intelligence and tipoffs in the Republic and Empire that he may be headed to the untamed world of Elom, a planet known to house secrets and ruins of a bygone Darth known as Nul.

Reporting back to the Republic, Task Force Nova commanded an early intervention squad lead by Denolm Orr (Jedi Master seen in the Disorder trailer), his apprentice, the Twi’lek Sa’har Kateen and a small Republic squad. It appears at this time that the Sith Empire also lead a small explorative party to Elom as well, where both sides may have taken casualties to the machine known as Regnant.
By the time the Republic made it to the Temple of Nul, only Denolm and Sa’har were alive, as well as a singular Sith warrior.

Soon, Malgus would emergy from the darkness of the Temple, betraying and murdering his fellow Sith in greeting the two Jedi.
Master Orr commanded Sa’har to destroy the force-powered machine within the heart of the Temple of Nul and retrieve its holocron. However Sa’har fell victim to a force vision, leading Master Orr to panic and destroy the machine himself, only to fall at the hands of Malgus.

Witnessing the death of her master, Sa’har dueled Malgus only to catastrophically fail, as he destroyed the foundations of the Temple around her. Malgus would then take the holocron from her and exit the temple…

Directly into the Outlander, who had arrived at the Temple’s door with Lana Beniko and possibly Tau Idair or Darth Rivix.

With no time to delay, Malgus stashed the holocron in nearby ruins as he engaged the Outlander in a duel. Eventually the Outlander brought Malgus to his knees, where he was then successfully detained by a multitude of a dozen or so force users that emerged from the ruins to subdue him.

However Malgus‘ plan was not ground to a halt so close to the finish line, even though he was torn away to a force-prison and held in perpetuity. Malgus believes that Sa’har will continue his work and legacy. Soon after the Outlander left Elom, she was able to escape the ruins on her own and locate the holocron Malgus left behind without being discovered by the remaining Republic or Imperial forces.

Whispers in the Force – Odessen Alliance Briefing Quest in Onslaught
Mission Abstract: Investigate link between Darth Malgus and the planet Elom – short story
Disorder Cinematic Trailer – Legacy of the Sith cinematic trailer for SWTOR
Story Cutscenes – Legacy of the Sith Flashpoint: Ruins of Nul
Elom Planet Codex – Flashpoint: Ruins of Nul

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