Galactic Seasons

All Galactic Seasons themed Tips, Trivia and quick guides, broken down into segments based on genre.


Seasons Objectives Tips

Game Tip #48 – Solo Galactic Seasons Sparks of War

How you can complete the Sparks of War Galactic Season’s Objective as a Solo player or co-op in SWTOR.

Game Tip #50 – Solo Galactic Seasons Flashpoints Guide

A guide on how you can complete Galactic Season’s Flashpoint Objectives fast and easy as a SOLO player in SWTOR.

Galactic Seasons 3

Game Tip #44 – PH4-LNX’s Game Reputation

A simple guide on how to earn and level the G.A.M.E. Reputation during Galactic Seasons 3 and it’s rewards.

Trivia #44 – Fen Zeil’s Hidden Cutscene in Galactic Season 3

Why having Fen Zeil as your active companion during the first Quest in Galactic Seasons 3 unlocks hidden cutscenes.

Game Tip #57 – Finding PH4-LNX’s Story Quests

Where you can find PH4-LNX and unlock her Story Quests aboard your ship, once you complete her Companion Alert.


Galactic Seasons 2

Trivia #10 – Free Droid Customizations.

How you can earn 2 Free Companion Customisations by completing a special achievement from your Legacy Window.

Trivia #23 – Cutscene Titles of the Shadow Syndicate

How increasing your Syndicate Reputation changes the dynamic cutscenes between yourself, Fen Zeil and Qi’us Dnar.

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