Easy Galactic Seasons Level 100


Galactic Seasons are time-limited seasonal reward events akin to Battlepasses that both F2P and Subscribers can participate in for free. In exchange for completing weekly and daily tasks players can earn Companions, Strongholds, Armor Sets, Weapon sets and more.

Galactic Seasons have 100 total levels that can be earned by completion of these various weekly tasks with all 5 SWTOR servers allowing you to complete the same battlepass on each one, including earning FREE Cartel Coins and Cartel Weapons, Armor and Ultimate Packs. But what if I told you, that you could easily reach level 100 on all servers by simply logging in for a few minutes each day?

Each season has historically, and season 4 currently runs for 140+ days, this means you only need to earn less than 1 level a day to reach 100 by the end of the Season to unlock every reward in the Pass, and you can do this very easily as long as you have a character with access to their Player Ship and are Subscribed.

The Method

As long as you have completed enough of your class story on ANY server (level 14ish) you can do the method.
As a Subscriber you also get 1 level for FREE every week as long as you log in for 4 days a week, which you will earn if you follow this guide. This means that you will earn at least 20 levels for free by logging in before the Galactic Season ends.

All you have to do is reach level 1 in the pass and claim the immediate companion grant reward item if you are not a high enough level to survive the Galactic Season Companions intro mission. Either way you require your ship as the Companion sits upon it.
Each day you have to turn in 1 Galactic Season specific currency (Amity = Note of Reflection) in exchange for the smallest Reputation token (costs 1) and then consume it. The reputation boost will complete your daily 25k Season Objective as a level 50+, which rewards 2 Season specific currency, meaning as long as you turn in 1 per day you can never run out.

Turn in 1 every day and you will complete the “earn 200,000” total conquest Weekly Objective for Seasons if you have a Stronghold Conquest Boost of 85% or higher at level 50+, as well as anytime there is a week which involved “earning 1000 reputation” or “collecting 40 <season specific currency>” as an objective you can easily use your excess or claim Season specific currency from the Galactic Season rewards menu.


As long as you remember to log in once every day and turn in 1 of these currencies in exchange for a small Reputation Trophy token as well as logging in 4 days a week you can complete Galactic Seasons up until level 100 without ever physically playing any objectives that require any content at all (daily areas, pvp, gsf, raids, flashpoints). You will still fall short so you have to do the minor /25 kills or Force Wellspring Objectives when they appear.

This way you can be done in as low as 120 of the 150 total days the Season runs.

If you want to make it to 100 you can go to starter planets (Korriban, Tython etc) and complete the /25 No-Companion kills or /100 Companion kills Weekly Objectives when they appear, this will take it down to roughly 110 days needed to complete the pass to level 100.


Log in > trade in 1 companion season currency for the cheapest Season Reputation Token, Use it.
Do this everyday.
Bonus: Subscribers log in 4 days a week and get 1 free level.
Also: Complete the 25 non-companion Kills or /100 Amity Companion Kills on a starter planet on level 1 mobs to speed it up even more or Amity’s Wellspring Objective when they appear.

Amity Companion Guide

Complete Guide to Amitys Story Quests, gaining Influence, Achievements, Reputation & Rewards from Galactic Seasons 4.
Continue to the guide.

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