Did You Know #87 – PH4-LNX Reputation GAME


Like Season 2, GS3 also has a limited-time Reputation. To reach Legendary Standing you must reach 70,000 Reputation with a weekly cap of 5000 points per week. Only characters that have recruited PH4-LNX can see her on their ship to turn in Reputation.
As you play content, loot from mobs or complete Galactic Seasons objectives, you will earn GAME Analysis Modules. They are located within the ‘Galactic Seasons’ section of the Currency Tab in your Inventory and you can hold a maximum of 200 at once.

To exchange GAME Analysis Modules for Trophies to level the Reputation Track, you must talk to PH4-LNX who can be found on your character’s ship after you recruit her. You can turn in lots of 1, 5, 10, 20, 100.
Suggestion: Only turn in the 20 and 100 options as they give Purple Quality Reputation Trophy items, these are worth more than the Blue Trophies given for turning in 1, 5 or 10.

You will be unlock the following Legacy Titles as you increase Reputation:
Newcomer Rank – G.A.M.E. Representative
Hero Rank – Mid-level Management
Legend Rank – Deputy Director of G.A.M.E.

You will also earn the achievement: Authority on the Subject if you reach Legend Standing with the GAME reputation in Season 3, which is necessary step to earn PH4-LNX’s Gold skin customization from the Take the House achievement.


Cutscene Image Credit: Emi’thiss

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