Codex Lore #43 – Lord Darkspanner, Founder of the Revanites


Tari Darkspanner, also known as ‘The Master’, founded the Order of Revan that would serve Revan in his crusade on Yavin against the Emperor.

In her early years as a young sith acolyte, Tari discovered recordings and accounts of Darth Revan on Korriban and became infatuated with his philosphy and life. This lead her to believe that when Revan landed on Dromund Kaas three hundred years earlier, he had actually defeated the Emperor and now rightfully sat on the throne of the Sith Empire.

As she grew older, she would establish a secret compound in the jungles of Dromund Kaas, recruiting Sith that dedicated themselves to the teachings and philosophy of Revan. Those that passed the trials would be given the title of Revanite and aid in recruiting others as well as keeping the secrecy of the compound.
During this time she asked for the aid of several young Imperial Heroes (Imperial Player characters) in helping her hide the compound from Darth Charnus and his apprentice, who were attempting to uncover and expose the Revanites to the Sith Empire. While it is not clear whether the Imperial Heroes helped Darkspanner or exposed them to Charnus, it is clear that nothing came of the situation and the Revanites continued to gain an audience and expand in the wilderness.

Sometime over a year later, Revan was defeated at the Battle of the Foundry by the same Imperial Heroes. As Revan separated into two forms, one of his these new forms appeared to Tari Darkspanner in a force vision, telling her to relocate the Order of Revan and the Revanites from Dromund Kaas to Yavin IV.
Following the words of the prophet himself, she successfully relocated the order to Yavin. Here the Revanites spent the next several years flourishing and expanding in secret, embedding themselves deep into the highest ranks and heirarchy of the Jedi Order, Republic Military and Sith Empire.

On the eve of Revan’s return in manifested form, the time grew close for the Revanites to enact their master plan. Tari Darkspanner was promoted to Lord, now second only to Revan himself.
However this success would be short lived. The Revanites would quickly suffer major defeat after major defeat after they were exposed on Manaan by Theron Shan and Lana Beniko. Key figureheads in the Order of Revan’s chain of command from Darth Arkous, Colonel Darok, as the Revanites catastrophically lost territory on Manaan, Rakata Prime, Rishi and were driven back all the way to their fortress on Yavin.

While others suffered a grander fate, Lord Darkspanner was lured out of hiding on the Revanite Training Grounds of Yavin, where she was easily dispatched by Heroes of the Republic and Empire that had temporarily made an Alliance in order to stop Revan’s master plan.


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Daily Quest: The Devoted Ones – Yavin IV – Star Wars the Old Republic: Shadow of Revan
Codex Entry: Lord Darkspanner
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