Did You Know #88 – Fen Zeil’s Hidden GS3 Dialogue


PH4-LNX is SWTOR’s newest companion in 2022, being a F2P unlock at level 1 of Galactic Seasons 3. Starting her companion quest will give you a short Cutscene on Nar Shaddaa where she tells you her history of capture and work with the G.A.M.E. organisation.

Some players quickly uncovered during the release of GS3, that if you have Fen Zeil summoned as your active companion while PH4-LNX talks about her upbringing on Nar Shaddaa with Godoba the Hutt, Fen Zeil will chime in with some quick dialogue (pictured above). While PH4-LNX voices her displeasure in her masters, Godoba the Hutt, Fen will chime in that he too ha problems with Godoba. After all Fen Zeil replaced Godoba as the leader of the Shadow Syndicate after the original Planet Story for Nar Shaddaa but prior to Galactic Seasons 2.

You don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong dialogue choice and missing the cutscene, as Fen Zeil chimes in no matter what during one of PH4-LNX’s speeches as long as you summoned him prior to starting the conversation.


Credit: Karrah Valeros on Star Forge

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