Easter Eggs & References

The ins and outs on Achievements and Titles you can earn in SWTOR and the goodies and unlocks you can earn with them.


SWTOR & KOTOR Easter Eggs

Trivia #6 – The Nall Twileks

The connection between Janice Nall of KOTOR and Jaliet Nall of SWTOR.

Trivia #8 – Fate of Canderous Ordo

Where you can discover the fate of Canderous Ordo from KOTOR during the King’s Ransom Smuggler Story Quest..

Trivia #11 – Arn on Manaan

Where you can find Arn Peralun and Colonel Gallo as an easter egg appearance on Manaan as an Imperial during Legacy of the Sith.

Trivia #14 – Elara Dorne’s Father Easter Egg

Where you could find the father of Elara Dorne through a cutscene as an Agent on the Imperial Fleet.

Trivia #20 – Denolm and Reyedo Orr

How a character on Republic Fleet since 2011 shares a connection to Sa’hars Master from the Disorder Cinematic.

Trivia #22 – Calo Nord Easter Egg on Hutta

How you can watch a cameo of Calo Nord’s during the Bounty Hunter storyline on Hutta.

Trivia #24 – Kakkran Daggerstar

The origins of Revan’s personal Swoop and how you can earn it in SWTOR as a mount.

Trivia #28 – Horak Mul

The origins of this major Inquisitor Story NPC that first appeared in a Star Wars comic from 1996.

Trivia #32 – Easter Eggs on Elom

All of the Easter Eggs that you can find in the quest Digging Deeper on Elom from a golfing Pantoran to unique class dialogue.

Trivia #36 – The Mek-Sha Orphanage Easter Egg

Explore the history of Sa’har Kateen’s Orphanage and its origins in SWTOR before Legacy of the Sith.

Trivia #54 – The Orange Pixel Glitch Pet

How an obscure orange pixel glitch during SWTOR’s Beta became an easter egg Pet for May the 4th in 2022.

Trivia #55 – Darth Anathel and Xarion

Where these two majoir Sith characters were referenced in a Diplomacy Mission 8 years before they first appeared in SWTOR.

Trivia #56 – Hypergate Warzone Easter-Egg

The unnoticed changes that happen to the Ancient Hypergate Warzone as you play.

Trivia #62 – Smuggler Cameo in the Trooper Story

Read where you can see the Smugglers Cameo in the Trooper Storyline on Ord Mantell.


Star Wars & Canon

Trivia #1 – Bounty Hunters Easter Egg

Where to go to find a famous group of Bounty Hunters from the Empire Strikes Back cameoing as easter eggs on the Imperial Fleet.

Trivia #7 – Mos Pelgo in SWTOR

The origins of Mos Pelgo from an Uprising Level in Knights of the Eternal Throne to the Mandalorian and Boba Fett Series.

Trivia #25 – The SOLO movies reference to SWTOR

How an obscure item from Belsavis in SWTOR was made Canon in the SOLO movie.

Trivia #33 – The Jeddha Pilgrims

The red cloaked Jeddha Pilgrims from Rogue One and where to see their cameo in game.

Trivia #37 – The Gilded Descent Casino

The story behind how a Corellian Casino from SWTOR was canonised in the SOLO Comic Series.

Trivia #39 – Rokur Gepta & the Dark Disciple Armor

How the character Rokur Gepta from a 1983 EU Novel inspired the creation of the Dark Disciple Armor Set.

Trivia #42 – Death Star Easter Egg in SWTOR

How the Death Star’s turrets inspired an entire type of Trooper themed gear in SWTOR.

Trivia #45 – Belsavis in Star Wars

The origins of Belsavis years before SWTOR and how it was made Canon, appearing in the Andor TV series.

Trivia #47 – The Smuggler & Han Solo Easter Eggs

Comparing how the Smuggler Storyline mirrors the cast of the Star Wars movies and Han Solo.

Trivia #50 – Amban JP Rifle Disintegration Effect

The origins of the Amban JP Rifle in SWTOR from the Mandalorian to it’s creation in the 1978 Star Wars: Holiday Special.

Trivia #52 – The Original Dromund Kaas

The origins of Dromund Kaas from a 1998 Videogame, and how it influenced SWTOR’s version of the planet.

Trivia #57 – The Kinrath Spiders

How a Season 2 episode of the Bad Batch canonised the Kinrath Spiders from KOTOR.

Trivia #58 – Sith Empire’s War Droid in Canon

The SWTOR droid cameo that was added to the 2016 official Darth Vader comics.

Trivia #59 – T3-M4 & T7-01 in Canon

How Star Wars made T3-M4 from Kotor and T7-01 from SWTOR officially canon in 2018.

Trivia #60 – Hun Duo and Greepo on Hutta

Where to find Hun Duo and Greepo, the reference to an infamous Star Wars cantina scene.

Trivia #61 – Let the Wookiee Win Easter Egg

Where you can find an easter-egg of the Holochess scene from A New Hope on Hutta.

Trivia #63- Balmorra in SWTOR

The history of Balmorra in canon from the 90s EU to The Bad Batch and SWTOR.


Other Universe References in SWTOR

Trivia #2 – Mynock Mandalorian

Where you can find the IRL Cosplayer Mynock that Bioware added as a cameo in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Trivia #3 – Charles Boyd on Oricon

Where you can go to find the easter egg NPC of legendary SWTOR developer Charles Boyd on Oricon.

Trivia #15 – Izax and the Geth

How the ships of an iconic Mass Effect faction influenced the design of one of Zakuul’s Iokathi Gods.

Trivia #19 – Gangnam Style easter egg

Where you can find a Cantina full of NPCs dancing to Gangnam Style in Shadow of Revan.

Game Tip #22 – Hallowed Gothic Armor

Where to find and kill the rarest NPC on Oricon that unlocks the final piece to a special Cosmetic Set.

Trivia #38 – Tomb Raider on Rishi

Where you can find Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games as an easter egg on Rishi.

Trivia #40 – Batman & Robin on Zakuul

Where you can find Batman and Robin as an easter-egg and boss fight on Zakuul in KOTFE.

Trivia #51 – Cosplayer Mynock added to Ruhnuk

Where you can find the IRL Cosplayer Mynock that Bioware added as a cameo on Ruhnuk.

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